Thursday, August 12, 2010

Walk Right Into This Mess

images; shelley t and stephan t
-pls note, the letters m-e-s-s are the first letters of our names...i love that it spells the word 'mess', cause that's life to a 't', wouldn't you say?!

If there's one thing that L'Homme is brilliant at, it is returning from trips away (whether it be a day one or an overseas extravaganza) with gifts for all. This particular Paris trip - yes, the poor to Paris every single year in search of beautiful paper goodness (!) - he was soooo excited to bring these pedestrian lights home. L'Homme thinks that the French pedestrian lights have attitude! As I can't take them to his current digs ie. rehab ward, I thought he'd want us to enjoy them at home, so I put them in our living room along with some other sentimental bits.

It was only as I was downloading the photos I'd taken (not particularly well, I might add, still getting used to the new i-phone, another gift from L'Homme; btw, he has intimated that he'd like to have his with him at hospital, despite not yet having the ability to say or text much!) that I discovered some photos he had taken back in 2006 of the French pedestrian lights to show me how cool he thought they were. Uncanny...

The little vignette needed some colour, so I grabbed one of my fave vintage vases which hold some vintage fabric flowers handmade made by the wonderful Pene Durston (I pass by her beautiful store every day on my way to and from the rehab unit) and given to me by a very dear friend when we were in the throes of 'will-l'Homme-make-it-through?' mode back in June.

Here's a little close-up so you can see how clever Pen is, I love her creativity. I love that these live in Chez Trbuhovich and remind me of a significant life event for our family.

And here am I trying to get artistic with my photography and failing miserably...
It should be noted that the little green 'go-bloke' was leaning on the wall temporarily, cause he is a bit unsteady on his feet...which is tempting for a 2 year old Petit...but I actually like him being back there, so that's where he'll stay. In other words, he's not going anywhere - boom, boom!


Camilla @ Designalogue said...

I'm pretty sure that I took a similar picture when I was in Paris way back when! Red man is very impatient!

pen said...

dear shelley.....
i have to admit i didn't make the tea towel flowers
they are made for us by the lovely ramona of handmadelife
hope all is going well in the long haul to recovery
pen xx