Monday, May 31, 2010

Inside Out Interview

It is such an honour to have the creatives over at Inside Out be a little interested in what you are up to. So I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to answer five questions about
Galerie Montmartre and the thrill of vintage poster art. Pop on over here and you might learn something new...

Thanks to Lee Tran - Deputy Chief Sub-Editor.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ducky Love

image; mirka and lavablaine, captain kk

I leave you this week with a gorgeous image of delightful Mirka enjoying her new mini vintage poster. Mirka's Mama, Captain kk, is one cool blogger. She is also kind and thoughtful. When she commented about the image I used at Easter time on this blog, I knew that it had to go home with her. So I organised for that to happen - Captain tells the story here...

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Total Balance et Moi

image; le rouge baiser, gruau, c1950; michelle belle for galmont
Someone thought me worthy enough of a little interview, but of course, I talk too what should be a little interview has turned into something slightly bigger! Anyway, you can pop over to Kate's blog and see what I am talking about right here.

A quick background, Kate is Kate James, business and life coach, meditation teacher and owner of Total Balance, now a beautiful friend. L'Homme and I sought out her assistance at a hectic time in our lives to keep our business on track...

I love Kate's blog, it is always a calm haven in amongst all the fun and stuff in my google reader.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear Interior Gods and Goddesses...

image; via belle maison

...I seriously, utterly, desperately need this barn door. Seriously. Utterly. Desperately.

That is all.

Femme de M

Monday, May 24, 2010

urgh, yuk, blah

image; (which i love sooo much, for cough syrup/medicine)
sirop des vosges, carlu, 1950; stephan t for galmont

Was knocked about by a raging ear and throat infection this weekend that has now become a repulsively icky cold. It doesn't happen often, but when sickness hits, it comes in fast and hits me good. So, hardly a voice left, so no phonecalls, but can still use the internet!
Look forward to sharing with you this week. Have a great Monday.....are my American beauties enjoying a long weekend? Is it the one where you can now wear white until September?! Maybe my cold and flu meds are making me delirious or confused...
Anyway, hope you all have a fabulous week. x

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bonjour Vendredi!

image; chez trbuhovich, melbourne homes feature 2009, via lovely lucy at the design files

L'Homme has finally contacted this Femme to let her (that would be me!) know that he made it to Paris safely - ok, was only about four days ago that he arrived, but we'll let that bit slide right here....I mean it's not as if I have time to take 'courtesy' calls when I am so busy overseeing Galmont and taking care of his Petit Garcons and looking after Chez Trbuhovich half a world away....!!

Anyway, he is having a great time. As you would, if you were in Paris in the Spring, visiting friends and sourcing amazing vintage pieces. And eating the food.

Apparently Michelle Belle (assistant extraordinaire) is completely overwhelmed with her first experience and impressions of France. Being a Gen-Y wonder, she is busily tweeting her joie, so be sure to follow here, if you are not already.
Enjoy your weekend, see you next week - feels so good to be back in blogland.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Urban Flea Reads Me and That Makes Me Happy!

image; urban flea blog via

I have followed Katherine's blog for sometime now, so it was with much delight that I noticed she had something to say about the design sensibility of one Femme D M today. She believes we share a mind when it comes to aesthetics. The image above is the one that moved me to leave a comment on Urban Flea, Katherine said she could live in this room and of course, I could too. So, so much that I saved the image to share with you sometime in the future. Unbeknownst to me, The Flea was blogging away about the 'Be Nice or Leave' pillow I posted on Monday.

Well, after some snooping, it seems that The Flea and I also share a star sign, a love for the colour grey with lovely yellow accents (is red your other colour accent love, by chance, Katherine?), the French language and movies that have Johnny Depp in them...

Ummm, we definitely do not share an age bracket!

If you haven't checked out the Urban Flea, I strongly suggest you do.
Thanks for your kind words, Katherine.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear Interior Gods and Goddesses...

image; many, many moons ago via the beautifully curated emma's design blogg
....if i can't have the floors, I'll settle for this sofa. Oh yes, I would. And please throw in that big-ass window while you're at it.
In anticipation,
femme d m

Monday, May 17, 2010

'Be Nice or Leave'

image; via A Life More Fabulous

A message for all those who visit Galerie Montmartre over the next couple of weeks. L'Homme and Michelle Belle have disappeared on a sourcing trip to France, the poor loves, leaving the rest of the team, James, Jessica, Dizee and Moi to keep the retail space wheels turning. Given that half the wall is ripped open by a plumber, we're all part-timers and we have a new invoicing system, I'd say it'll be a very steep learning curve. But there will be music and smiles and vintage posters and people working really, really hard to keep your experience a positive one. Come and see us if you are in the area, encouragement is most welcome!

PS. I love this cushion, would work beautifully at Chez Trbuhovich.

Friday, May 14, 2010


image; scandale by j jacqueline, c.195, michelle belle for galmont

It has got a little crazy at Galmont this week, all a bit nuts; we've nearly lost our tiny minds at one point or another. The rains have fallen, the drainpipes in the retail space have leaked long and hard and we've been mopping up mess ever since. The plumber comes in to investigate and discovers the downpipe in my office - which happens to be a glass cube overlooking everything else - needs attending to, he has ripped great holes in the walls and is so obviously aesthetically challenged....surely he could've done it a little more neatly?? This is supposed to be a beautiful place for crying out loud!! And all I feel like doing right now is cry out loud!!!!

But then, our gorgeous little Gen-Y wonder, Michelle our Belle, shares a photo of her latest poster acquisition and how she has placed it in her room. So neat, so orderly, so lovely.

Enjoy your weekends, lovelies, hope there isn't a scandal between the lot of you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Interior Gods and Goddesses...

image; via the always fantabulous yellowtrace blog
...where can I find a floor like the one in this Parisian apartment?
And what the heck, can you throw in the daybed as well?

In Anticipation,

Femme D M x

Monday, May 10, 2010

Homelove - I'm a Winner!

I can't believe that it has been almost a month since I won this wonderful, wonderful collection of bits from Megan Morton to celebrate the release of her interiors book, 'Homelove'.
I haven't yet had a chance to publicly thank the gorgeous MM. I was one of ten lucky people to win some of her favourite things via The Design Files. I was sooooo excited! This package arrived at the very right time for me. It was seriously like a piece of love sent via the post; just fabulous, like the architects of the competition. Thanks so much, Megan and Lucy!
Included; loaf of bread from baker friday, limited edition print from Castle and Things, Miss Frou-Frou nailpolish, bauwerk paint, vintage spoon from the propery, canvas bag from murchison-hume, signed copy of homelove by megan morton, mushroom stamp from kikki k

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sunday 9th of May 2010

Saying Happy Mother's Day is a bit of a loaded thing for me. It wasn't exactly a road paved in gold, my road to Motherhood. And that crazy road changed my life, changed my outlook and gave me a whole lot more empathy for those whose dream of parenthood isn't working out as smoothly as they expected. I am so grateful for the Petits - they are the most exhausting fun I've ever had! - but when it comes to celebrating bringing them into the world, there is a whole other set of sad memories that accompany that.

So this post goes out to every woman this Sunday. To the Mums, to the Daughters, to the Sisters, to the Cousins, to the Friends; to those who find the whole Mother's Day thing a bit hard to take due to subfertility, infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth or loss of a precious child. In fact, maybe you find yourself Motherless this Sunday - this post is especially for you.

I will be thinking of you all and wishing you the best this Mother's Day - and every day. xxx

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Galmont in House and Garden June 2010

images; House and Garden, Australia June 2010

It was such a lovely thing to be featured in the H&G decorating article this month - not once, but twice! Stylist Jo Carmichael did a gorgeous job creating beautifully cozy spaces. I think the posters look amazing.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pssst...Beci Orpin...

image; via beci orpin blog know how you're really enjoying your new book 'The Language of Graphics"?

image; via beci orpin blog
Well, if you drop by Galerie Montmartre sometime, you can actually see some of these images for real! Honest, promise!
And while I'm at it....a quick note for Rockin' Raina who was talking about how 'vintage is now', along with the following image, a few blogposts ago...

Well, see the little chimpanzee cycling in the left hand corner? We had him at Galmont up until about a month ago, when a discerning customer handed over their money and took it home!
Oh, how I love to spy vintage posters in blogs.