Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks


I give thanks that I can still get up every day and live a full life, mostly with a smile, despite 2010 being the year of upheaval on every level.

Although I miss life as I knew it, L'Homme's brain haemmorage (back in June - if you are new to Femme D M, blog entries are archived) and the resulting fallout, has taught me alot. I was never one to take life forgranted, but suddenly colours are brighter, moments are more magical and I have a b.s metre that rivals all others!

Our Petits are a source of joy...when they are not having a go at each other. And our family/friend/Galmont/wider community network are extraordinary. I have new friendships that are adding greatly to my life and solidifying old ones. I feel very fortunate.

And so, when all my North American Beauties, are spending the next four days eating and drinking and celebrating; I will do the same here in Melbourne, in my own quiet (oh hang on, this is me we're talking about, maybe not so quiet...!) way. I will remember all the things that are important and all the wonderful parts of life that I have to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, lovely ones. x

*thank you to creative women's circle for the little feature on me and my galerie montmartre world over here*

Monday, November 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

image; chez trbuhovich...just ignore the computer bag, teensy bowl of lemons & petit's toys at back door; shelley t
Love walking in and looking around at all the bits and pieces that make up my life....and I finally had another chance to do that late on Thursday night after hooning it down that highway between Sydney and Melbourne.
While I was away - and had space in my brain to actually do some thinking - I worked out the next things to get started on at Chez Trbuhovich....kissing these hideous orange coloured floorboards goodbye & saying hello to high gloss white ones; putting a slim shelf above the Penfolds mirror to complete the dining room wall, and painting the entire exterior (Dulux Whisper White, Dulux Domino for part trim & Fire Engine Red Door - colour to be found) in time for Christmas. And see those bentwood chairs ($100.00 for five at NYC flea market!), I am in the process of painting 4 black and 1 yellow....will look amazing once the floors are done.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Road Trip

I'm really hoping the part arrives for my car today so I can drive back to the T-Tribe and Galerie Montmartre. I've had a wonderful break, but I think I am needed back home in Melbourne....I'm sure both my family and Team Galmont are missing being ordered around. Besides, Chez Trbuhovich is in need of further decorating before the end of the year.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Balmain has my heart...

...which is just as well, really. As I am forced to stay here a little longer, my wonderful car decided to snap it's shock absorber, so it is currently getting a little tlc at the local mechanics.

So, I might get just hang on my favourite park bench, down the road, and continue to look at this view...
images; shelley t

Friday, November 5, 2010

Guess Where I Am...

image found here

....yeah, the picture gives it away. I have come to beautiful Sydney to work at the Balmain Art Fair, which is always such a lovely way to pass the time. Hoping to see some familiar faces and get to know some new people. This year will be different, as L'Homme is usually working here as well and I am sure there will be people asking where he is.
But I am happy to explain the turn of events in the world of Galerie Montmartre.
So if you are in the Balmain area, please drop by and say hi. And of course, it is business as usual in good old Melbourne town.
I'll be sure to take some dodgy photos on my I-phone and catch you up with my weekend!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Giddy Up Horsey!

image; loterie nationale grand prix de paris, paul colin, 1966 available at galerie montmartre
It's that time in Melbourne again when that one horse race basically stops a nation. So strange to me, but then, I'm not a betting girl. I love an excuse to show a vintage poster, though, and the wonderful Paul Colin (go to our website if you want to know more about this revered French posterist) produced this dynamic horse racing piece in 1966. I love it's vibrancy and movement; so talented.
Anyway, good luck to all the punters out there - enjoy the Spring Racing Carnival!