Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks


I give thanks that I can still get up every day and live a full life, mostly with a smile, despite 2010 being the year of upheaval on every level.

Although I miss life as I knew it, L'Homme's brain haemmorage (back in June - if you are new to Femme D M, blog entries are archived) and the resulting fallout, has taught me alot. I was never one to take life forgranted, but suddenly colours are brighter, moments are more magical and I have a b.s metre that rivals all others!

Our Petits are a source of joy...when they are not having a go at each other. And our family/friend/Galmont/wider community network are extraordinary. I have new friendships that are adding greatly to my life and solidifying old ones. I feel very fortunate.

And so, when all my North American Beauties, are spending the next four days eating and drinking and celebrating; I will do the same here in Melbourne, in my own quiet (oh hang on, this is me we're talking about, maybe not so quiet...!) way. I will remember all the things that are important and all the wonderful parts of life that I have to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, lovely ones. x

*thank you to creative women's circle for the little feature on me and my galerie montmartre world over here*


Raina Cox said...

This American thanks you for the well wishes. May 2011 be a very very quiet year indeed.


If the Lamp Shade Fits

Deb said...

Beautiful blog from an extraordinary woman!! Love You xoxo