Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Weblog Wanderings (3)

....Mirka came here for the exciting postscript to this story...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday - Wishful Thinking

image; favor girl, bellenger, c. 1950; stephan t for galerie montmartre

The weekend is here, nothing planned.....although buzzing around Melbourne on a scooter would be a nice thing to do. Now, what to do with Petit and Petit-Petit while Maman buzzes around town?!
Have a beautiful weekend. x

Thursday, August 27, 2009

'Gid-dy' for Bally

image; bally, raymond gid, 1976. 57 X 43cms; michelle for galmont

Is it just me, or is this image absolutely gorgeous? This advertising poster is by Raymond Gid (1905-2000) just arrived in Galmont yesterday. I sighed when I saw it. Too pretty.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peas in a Pod - Mirka Mora and Christina Gordon

image; together by mirka mora, 1996;eva breuer art dealer

image; diorama by christina gordon (didn't get a chance to use it in this post!)

image; mirka at tolarno dining room

I came to a realisation as I ate my birthday dinner (yes, i was a week ago....) on Sunday night. I was surrounded by Mirka Mora's glorious murals and suddenly I realised the similarities between Mirka and Christina's work - beautifully big-eyed, playful, mischievious impish little people; an innocence and a naughtines wrapped up in bright colours and childlike imagery. I find their art so much fun, so inspiring, so delightful.

And here endeth the birthday indulging and epiphanies(!) until the same time next year!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Friday - The Glamour of Gruau

image; miss dior, rene gruau, c. 1950; michelle for galmont

Don't you love those 'can't live without' type lists? I think it is a great way to get a quick insight into what makes someone tick. Well, Miles Redd, creative director of Oscar De La Renta Home, recently listed his twelve favourite things for Elle Decor. I especially loved that illustrations by one of our leading vintage poster artists, Rene Gruau, made the cut. It's no surprise really when you consider that before creating stunning images for French dance halls such as Lido and Moulin Rouge, Gruau was a fashion illustrator for couture houses such as Givenchy and Dior.

Here's a tiny taste for now. I'm sad to see this beautiful advertising image leave the gallery this wasn't even here a week!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday Indulgence Hangover

craft victoria shop; pic from website
bestlite table lamp; pic from

native workers stool; pic from

sylvie dress by leona edmiston; pic from leonaedmiston. com

It's so wonderful to take a day out to simply indulge yourself. I did that yesterday. I loved it. Flinders Lane is such a treat, that place has everything that rings my bells.

Starting at Craft Victoria where I saw so much handmade goodness, my head almost fell off, making my way to Corporate Culture staring at the beautiful shapes of the chairs and tables and my absolute favourite item, the Bestlite. I was enjoying the Native furniture series at Format furniture. And the Tom Dixon collection at DeDeCe. So many highlights.

The thing I wasn't expecting, however, was discovering Leona Edmiston's winter sale, as I headed back up Little Collins st. Now it looks like I have something very special to wear for my b'day dinner with L'Homme on Sunday night!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gotta Love Birthdays!

images; Martha Stewart

And I do. Really! I love them. I'd have one everyday if I could, but one a year is our quota and tomorrow is mine and I am going to lap up every single second of it. L'Homme is taking care of Petit and Petit-Petit and I am hitting Flinders Lane to gallery hop and drool over some gorgeous furniture. No doubt, my little cup will be overflowing with inspiration by the time the day is over.
PS. A quick personal birthday fact, on one particularly important birthday - not so long ago - I ate a flourless chocolate cupcake(as featured above) for breakfast every morning for two weeks.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Weblog Wanderings (2)....Christina Gordon

There's been a some interest in the Christina Gordon prints that we all have in our bedrooms at Chez I thought I'd look into the artist a little more. Christina has an assortment of work on her livejournal, Jam Fancy.

Christina's work seems to be influenced by her collection of Blythe dolls - she has around 40 of them. And that's an interesting fact to me, because when I describe the prints to people, I often say, they all have 'big eyes, like those Blythe dolls that were popular in the 70's'! (I should mention that I have spent many hours on e-bay losing auctions to other Blythe doll enthusiasts for about the last twelve years!! Who knows, maybe I've been losing to Christina!!)

Christina Gordon seems to be quite a prolific artist, as she creates dolls and a clothing line for her little Blythe dolls along with her prints.

I'm drawn to Christina's work, as I think they are a fun balance of innocence and mischief. I'm attracted to that dynamic in people, so it was inevitable that I would find Christina's work irresistable!

images; lucy feagins (1), christina gordon (2,3,4)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Friday - Apartment Therapy

One minute you're 'minding your own business', the next minute your stylish friend photographs your home and puts it on her fabulous blog (thanks again Lucy) and by the following day Chez Trbuhovich is posted - along with beautiful editorial comments - on interiors mecca Apartment Therapy.
I've received gorgeous personal emails from some lovely creatives and I am loving the blog comments - one person wondered if we have zap collars on Petit and Petit-Petit Garcon which go off everytime they touch something pre-1992 (!) Hilarious! (And the truth, it's only been the last little while that I've been able to display our collections knowing they'll pretty much stay the way they've been arranged....I mean really, how does a bakelite radio match the excitement of thomas the tank engine - or drawing all over the dining room chairs with navy oil pastel??!!)
Add to this Kimberlee's visit and that pretty much makes for a blogger's dream week.

How fabulous....I think I need a good lie down! Happy Weekend!
image; relax by rene gruau, 1960; stephan t for galerie montmartre

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chez Trbuhovich on The Design Files

images lucy feagins at the design files

Well, what do you know? Someone actually deems your humble abode worthy of photographing and putting on their blog. Not just anyone, but someone with an eye for design! I think Lucy's done an awesome job, after following her around for the first ten mins of the shoot asking her if she needed me to move this or that, I relaxed, left her to it and simply said 'surprise me' and she really has.

It's interesting to see the place that you live in, play in, relax in, argue in (!) through the eyes of someone else. It's amazing how many details just pass you by as you go about daily life and you're focussing on the next project that needs doing.....I'm glad we weren't doing a story on that!!
I love what Lucy has done, I'm looking at Chez Trbuhovich with new eyes, you can see that people actually live there (eg. the toys on the floor of Petit-Petit Garcon's room are just as he left them that morning (!!)) - which is exactly why you can't get to every little project as you'd like - and I'm really grateful for that new insight.

Thanks to The Design Files; that Lucy's so clever, which is why I am her no. 1 'cheerleader'!

Go across to her site and check it out.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brown Button visits Galerie Montmartre

The charismatic Kimberlee has been in Melbourne these past few days and she took the time to come to Galmont and sort through some vintage posters. I knew I'd like her, because she has a beautiful blog...she also has her very own online shop selling some deliciously stylish goodies which she sources all by herself.....

....she always shares pretty pictures....

....with a few warm, often humorous words.... can always expect an honest post.
So, it was little wonder that the pair of us chatted like two long-lost mates well into the afternoon over a Mario's pasta and a glass or two of vin blanc. It was great.
Wishing you all the best on your newest venture, Kimberlee, thanks for stopping by (for four hours!!) - looking forward to the next catch-up.
Here's what Kimberlee had to say about our time together....very sweet!
all images via brown button

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Weblog Wanderings (1)....

....means that Chez Trbuhovich will be 'wearing' one of these little beauties from Famille Summerbelle now that they have finalised the new colourways for their papercut maps - thanks to a reader vote - and Paris is to be sage green; you can read about it here.

....saw that lovely Line Juhl Hansen is now selling the gorgeous postcards that she sent me as a thank-you for showing her beautiful home recently. You can read about that here.
images from (1.)famille summerbelle and (2.)line juhl hansen

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Friday - Charlie Chaplin

I've been thinking a little about movie posters since featuring the Peter Pan one in Elle Decor yesterday. I remembered seeing a huge Charlie Chaplin vintage movie poster image - which was used as wallpaper (can't wait to do that in Petit-Petit Garcon's room in the future) - on Lucy's blog when she was talking about Ditte Isager. That image has lived with me everyday since I saw it - really, us collector types can be a bit obsessive like that(!) - so thought I'd finish the week with it.

Have a great weekend.

Femme de Montmartre is in for a big week next'll know why soon I need some beauty sleep to be sure I am ready for all the action!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aerin Lauder's Vintage Poster...

shabbily scanned image (sorry, can't seem to improve it) from elle decor july/august 2009, photograph by Simon Upton
....there it is. See it? It's grainy, I know, but you can still make him out - Peter Pan flying high in Ms Lauder's Son's room.

I'm actually loving the vintage poster on the wallpaper....something I've never thought of before. So, the new thing I learnt today; vintage poster plus wallpaper equals a wonderfully vibrant combination that works!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Treasures

Ponot, Cappiello, c.1940 10 x 14cms.

Petit-Bateau, Mitschke, c1960. 14 x 21cms.

Bic Ecriture Souple, Savignac, 1956. 21 X 14cms.

Dubonnet, Cassandre, 1936. 25 x 30cms.

all images, stephan t for galerie montmartre - priced between $40 and $200 -

Petit and Petit-Petit Garcon got themselves a brand new tiny cousin over the weekend. And as we all put our lives on hold to child mind and buy new things and clamber to cuddle and touch the beautiful baby boy, it became apparent that these little people certainly make a big impact.

This could be a stretch, but it reminded me that the same happens in the vintage poster world; those tiny little advertising cousins of the huge billboard posters certainly pack a punch! The same artistry, artists and effort went into producing them and framed up they look amazing.

So in honour of little Ollie Jay, here's a few teeny vintage treasures to enjoy.