Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Treasures

Ponot, Cappiello, c.1940 10 x 14cms.

Petit-Bateau, Mitschke, c1960. 14 x 21cms.

Bic Ecriture Souple, Savignac, 1956. 21 X 14cms.

Dubonnet, Cassandre, 1936. 25 x 30cms.

all images, stephan t for galerie montmartre - priced between $40 and $200 -

Petit and Petit-Petit Garcon got themselves a brand new tiny cousin over the weekend. And as we all put our lives on hold to child mind and buy new things and clamber to cuddle and touch the beautiful baby boy, it became apparent that these little people certainly make a big impact.

This could be a stretch, but it reminded me that the same happens in the vintage poster world; those tiny little advertising cousins of the huge billboard posters certainly pack a punch! The same artistry, artists and effort went into producing them and framed up they look amazing.

So in honour of little Ollie Jay, here's a few teeny vintage treasures to enjoy.

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