Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Weblog Wanderings (2)....Christina Gordon

There's been a some interest in the Christina Gordon prints that we all have in our bedrooms at Chez I thought I'd look into the artist a little more. Christina has an assortment of work on her livejournal, Jam Fancy.

Christina's work seems to be influenced by her collection of Blythe dolls - she has around 40 of them. And that's an interesting fact to me, because when I describe the prints to people, I often say, they all have 'big eyes, like those Blythe dolls that were popular in the 70's'! (I should mention that I have spent many hours on e-bay losing auctions to other Blythe doll enthusiasts for about the last twelve years!! Who knows, maybe I've been losing to Christina!!)

Christina Gordon seems to be quite a prolific artist, as she creates dolls and a clothing line for her little Blythe dolls along with her prints.

I'm drawn to Christina's work, as I think they are a fun balance of innocence and mischief. I'm attracted to that dynamic in people, so it was inevitable that I would find Christina's work irresistable!

images; lucy feagins (1), christina gordon (2,3,4)


Kimberlee said...

ahhhh so its Christina Gordon!!! - love love love. Ok, so I'm thinking I need one as well now..... xxx
(PS day two of new job and going well, I think I'll go back for day three!) x

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

gorgeous, huh? next time you're in melb, i'll take you directly to the place that stocks cg's works; australian printmaking gallery (i think it's called) it's around the corner from galmont. (so glad so far, so good with the job situation - i knew it would be fine.) x

captain kk said...

oh we love all the same things! my sister owns quite a few of her works and they look amazing.. always makes me think of fitzroy when I see them :)

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

you could do worse than be reminded of fitzroy, captain! that's so funny about us liking similar things, probably why we hang out on each other's blogs. thanks for your support - hope you're well. x