Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 - A Year to Shine!

Image; Shelley T

Today at Galerie Montmartre (which from this post on will be lovingly referred to as Galmont - nicknaming is an Aussie pastime, after all...) the Christmas window was dismantled to make way for something worthy of ringing in a brand new year.

I love a new year; a clean slate, a moment to think of what has been and what's possible. I feel especially excited to think that in 2009, this little blog will be up and running on a regular basis. Where it will lead is anyone's guess, I want something that will record a year in the life of our business, but somehow I think it will give me so much more.

So, for now, I wish you and yours a beautiful New Year filled with adventure, creative challenges and fun. And ask that you drop by in February to see what Galmont has instore.