Friday, October 29, 2010

A Spooky Weekend...

We don't really do Halloween in Australia, although it is slowly creeping into our calendars. But, I can't let October 31 go by without acknowledging the fact that I had some of the best nights of my life on this very date while living in the U.S...hmmm, which memory will I share? The limo full of friends - dressed as naughty maids (umm, yes, that would be me), nurses, rednecks, dracula etc. -going from one party to the next in NYC or wandering the San Francisco streets dressed as Catwoman? Maybe sitting at a Greenwich village bar alone at 9pm 'just for one drink', befriending strangers and not returning home until 7am?!
So many great times - that's the best part of memories, no one can take them away and they get better over time!
So Happy Halloween to my American beauties and to the rest of us, have a great weekend. x

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Serge Bloch Stamps


You may remember my post about Serge Bloch's illustrations here. Well, it seems that my clever little friend (why I am assuming this guy is small in stature is beyond me....!) has been at it again, creating stamps for his French companions to enjoy.

I love his work so much, rings every bell within me, as a lover of letter writing (not that I have done any these past months), would love nothing more than to stick these beauties on the front of an envelope!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Lucy!

image; i have absolutely no idea as to where this came from, but even without people sitting at the table, it looks like just the kinda party i'd love to attend! dim the lights, put on the music and bring out the champagne!

Oh, what the heck....she is great at letting people know about Melbourne's fabulous design community, but when it comes to details about her good self, she is a little shy. I am not about to give away all that makes up Lucy Feagins, but I want to wish her a happy birthday. She is a generous, caring, loving little soul who deserves a big shout-out for her skills in the friendship sphere.
i love the girl.

Wishing you a fabulous year, Ms Design Files - keep inspiring!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Interior Gods and Goddesses...

image via you are my fave...i think
....I currently have bedroom storage issues, have taken to lining clothes neatly along the floor at the moment...getting everything up and into a locker would work. If we could un-shimmy this one a bit, it would be darn near perfect.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free Falling

images; shelley t & her obvious i-phone photography skills (!)
I am absolutely intrigued with the art that was commissioned on the side of a home in my Mum and Dad's street recently. I love it in an artistic sense, but emotionally, it really resonates with me.
It will forever be linked to this time in my life of massive upheaval and personal challenge. I see something different whenever I walk by; sometimes it is the colours; sometimes it is the thought of flying, feeling free, feeling powerful, flying away, managing the impossible, watching myself from's all there for me in this beautiful free falling form.
I'll get around to finding out a little more about the art in time, for now, I am just grateful that it is gracing a beautiful inner-suburban neighbourhood with its presence.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sartorialist Love

Once again I am going through my online photos, tidying files and just generally seeing what I have and why. I noticed that I had a few pics from The Sartorialist that rang my bells when I looked at them. So here they are, with an explanation of why I saved them...

1. The pic above was taken on 13th st in NYC, the very street I lived in for 3 yrs (btwn A & B - East Village). I can't say I know this bloke, but I suddenly got a tinge of Manhattan love and longing when I saw his beautifully happy face.

2. All about the style, people. The way you wear something. This look is quite different to mine, I wouldn't be wearing heels like this around Brunswick st, that's for sure. But the chicness, the long, lush hair, the big sunglasses, the way this woman carries herself takes my breath away. And the handbag is divine.

3. Again, how chic. Oooo I love me some capri pants and flats, sleeveless shirts....mmmm. I love the thought of riding a bike...but never do it (!) and short hair cuts rock, as far as I'm concerned. Can't remember where this was taken, but I was immediately transported to Paris.

4. This is what I aspire to in a throw-it-together and look amazing kind of sense. The confidence just oozes from this woman, doesn't it? How beautiful is she? How beautiful is this image?! Red is my favourite colour and this coat is so perfectly cut. If I had legs like this, I'd be showing them too.

Friday, October 8, 2010


image; loterie nationale sports, derouet/lesacq, 1939; galerie montmartre

That's the word that l'homme is using to describe how he feels at the moment. It would seem that the rehab team feel the same, as he is making his way home within a week...a couple of day trips, an overnight stay and then he is back living at Chez Trbuhovich - all being well - from October the 15th to begin the next chapter of this adventure.

Yet again, things are going to change, how we will deal with it is anyone's guess, to be honest. We'll give it a red-hot go though, there is no stopping the T-Tribe, that's for sure.

Peace friends, have a great weekend. x

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Power of Black and White

image found here
Good grief, it's Wednesday already.....really?! Maybe I am still celebrating the Collingwood Magpies thrashing of StKilda Saints (sorry, Captain....x) over the weekend. Or maybe, and far more like it, I am finding myself behind the eight-ball in all areas of my life....and it is spilling into this blog. One thing is for sure, despite the many grey areas of my life at the moment, the following things are as clear as black and white; the Petits are priority, Galmont is humming along, L'Homme continues to astound and the support of loved ones keeps us going. Thank you. x

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Weekend in Black and White

all images; available at galerie montmartre...photographed by team galmont

So, if you live in the Central & Southwest of Australia, there is a little game that is played called Australian Rules Football (AFL) and in sports-mad Melbourne, this little game absolutely dominates...for about 8 months of the year....even though the season only goes for 6 months.
Well, the Grand Poobah Prize of the AFL season and the reason all these sweaty men run around chasing and kicking a ball every weekend for 26 weeks is to make it to the Grand Final - which was played last week in front of 100016 people.

The teams who made the GF this year were Collingwood (L'Homme's and the Petit's team - a fabulous neighbourhood right next to Fitzroy) & St. Kilda (other side of the river....L'Homme gets the shakes if he wanders that far!). Well, anyway - they DREW. Yes, a draw, so on Saturday we do it all again. Our family will be dressed in their team colours of black and white, heading to a Fitzroy pub with 30 of our nearest and dearest; screaming at the TV, begging the 'Pies to win the flag.

In honour of this most rivetting event (!) - I found some vintage posters from our collection donning my favourite colour (non-colour?!) combination...

Have a great weekend, everyone.....and GO THE MIGHTY MAGPIES! (said on behalf of L'Homme who hasn't quite added this to his ever-growing vocab yet!)