Friday, October 8, 2010


image; loterie nationale sports, derouet/lesacq, 1939; galerie montmartre

That's the word that l'homme is using to describe how he feels at the moment. It would seem that the rehab team feel the same, as he is making his way home within a week...a couple of day trips, an overnight stay and then he is back living at Chez Trbuhovich - all being well - from October the 15th to begin the next chapter of this adventure.

Yet again, things are going to change, how we will deal with it is anyone's guess, to be honest. We'll give it a red-hot go though, there is no stopping the T-Tribe, that's for sure.

Peace friends, have a great weekend. x


PottyMouthMama said...

Strong like King Kong.

So, so great.

And the 15th is a wonderful omen. Well I think so anyway. It's our wedding anniversary.


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

oh now that is sensational news!!!! fantastic stuff shelley, and there is obviously no stopping that miraculous man of yours. just awesome. jx