Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Power of Black and White

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Good grief, it's Wednesday already.....really?! Maybe I am still celebrating the Collingwood Magpies thrashing of StKilda Saints (sorry, Captain....x) over the weekend. Or maybe, and far more like it, I am finding myself behind the eight-ball in all areas of my life....and it is spilling into this blog. One thing is for sure, despite the many grey areas of my life at the moment, the following things are as clear as black and white; the Petits are priority, Galmont is humming along, L'Homme continues to astound and the support of loved ones keeps us going. Thank you. x


captain kk said...

it's true. we were thrashed. mirka woke up from her nap during the 3rd quarter and said "oh no saints" and i knew then that all hope was gone. the husband still has the big stkilda flag hanging out the front.. i think in defiance of our mad collingwood neighbours & maybe to prove that he still has the love despite a lifetime of heartbreak! x captn

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

man that game sucked! oh well, maybe next year the dockers will in the final!!!

have a fab weekend darl xxx