Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sartorialist Love

Once again I am going through my online photos, tidying files and just generally seeing what I have and why. I noticed that I had a few pics from The Sartorialist that rang my bells when I looked at them. So here they are, with an explanation of why I saved them...

1. The pic above was taken on 13th st in NYC, the very street I lived in for 3 yrs (btwn A & B - East Village). I can't say I know this bloke, but I suddenly got a tinge of Manhattan love and longing when I saw his beautifully happy face.

2. All about the style, people. The way you wear something. This look is quite different to mine, I wouldn't be wearing heels like this around Brunswick st, that's for sure. But the chicness, the long, lush hair, the big sunglasses, the way this woman carries herself takes my breath away. And the handbag is divine.

3. Again, how chic. Oooo I love me some capri pants and flats, sleeveless shirts....mmmm. I love the thought of riding a bike...but never do it (!) and short hair cuts rock, as far as I'm concerned. Can't remember where this was taken, but I was immediately transported to Paris.

4. This is what I aspire to in a throw-it-together and look amazing kind of sense. The confidence just oozes from this woman, doesn't it? How beautiful is she? How beautiful is this image?! Red is my favourite colour and this coat is so perfectly cut. If I had legs like this, I'd be showing them too.

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