Friday, October 1, 2010

The Weekend in Black and White

all images; available at galerie montmartre...photographed by team galmont

So, if you live in the Central & Southwest of Australia, there is a little game that is played called Australian Rules Football (AFL) and in sports-mad Melbourne, this little game absolutely dominates...for about 8 months of the year....even though the season only goes for 6 months.
Well, the Grand Poobah Prize of the AFL season and the reason all these sweaty men run around chasing and kicking a ball every weekend for 26 weeks is to make it to the Grand Final - which was played last week in front of 100016 people.

The teams who made the GF this year were Collingwood (L'Homme's and the Petit's team - a fabulous neighbourhood right next to Fitzroy) & St. Kilda (other side of the river....L'Homme gets the shakes if he wanders that far!). Well, anyway - they DREW. Yes, a draw, so on Saturday we do it all again. Our family will be dressed in their team colours of black and white, heading to a Fitzroy pub with 30 of our nearest and dearest; screaming at the TV, begging the 'Pies to win the flag.

In honour of this most rivetting event (!) - I found some vintage posters from our collection donning my favourite colour (non-colour?!) combination...

Have a great weekend, everyone.....and GO THE MIGHTY MAGPIES! (said on behalf of L'Homme who hasn't quite added this to his ever-growing vocab yet!)

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