Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fun - Thanks Raina!

joker by auriac, 1958; photo, stephan t for galmont

I am so thrilled to have discovered 'If The Lampshade Fits', Raina's 'snarky' (as she puts least I think it was her?!) persona has me laughing on a regular basis. Although an American living in Colorado, I swear she must have some Australian heritage somewhere, as her sense of humour, the way she views life via her blog and her ability to poke fun at herself reminds me so much of my Aussie mates.
This post has had Michelle our Belle (that would be our assistant-extraordinaire) and I laughing aloud, the comments are too funny. Seriously, I urge you to jump over and have a quick look.
Hope you get plenty of laughs this weekend.

Don't forget to put in your point of view for the Femme de Montmartre header....two days and the vote closes. Thanks to all those who have contributed, I love hearing from you!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Undressed and Gorgeous!

'undress' by kat macleod; turquoise beaded detail, red lace; pink cellophane hair; flash not included...

a feminine piece deserves some feminine framing; note the gorgeous detail in the matt? oh how i love it; framed to perfection by creative framing in burwood, victoria

i was sure you were enjoying the flash as much as i was....

'undress' at home; la chambre, chez trbuhovich, february 2010

She has arrived! Just look at her, that adorable, irresistable young thing glancing at me over her bead-enhanced shoulder everytime I walk into my bedroom. Look how comfortable she has made herself amongst my bedside bits. Just gorgeous, thank-you so much, Kat Macleod for that gorgeous show which means I can own a little of what you do. I love it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Could Own This Little Beauty...

vespa piaggio, anon; c. 1960, 30 X 40cms; stephan t for galerie montmartre

....simply by voting for the header you like best.
Isn't she gorgeous?! From the 1960's, this was one of the generic signs printed for the Vespa product boxes in Italy - primarily used for export, she retails for $150 but you could have her simply by being so kind as to give your valued opinion. Interested? Go here and get in the draw!
And, it should be noted, this giveaway is open to international friends too, so don't be shy all you overseas lovelies. x

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday - Galmont and Inside Out Magazine

photograph; john laurie styled by the lovely lucy feagins

Some of you may not have had the chance to see our posters in the latest edition of the
Inside Out magazine (ie. that might be you S-J Down the Lane and Rockin' Raina in Denver), so thought I'd give you a little glance.

Megan Morton is not only the stylist's stylist, but she is one fab person and has come up with the best written soundbite for vintage posters that I have read in a longtime.

"Posters are produced to attract viewers' attention and hold it. Their bold use of typography ensures they will always be centre stage in a room. Sarah is not alone in her passion for vintage posters. Due to their rarity, many have become collector's items, and their popularity has made them highly prized." Megan Morton for Inside Out March-April 2010

Have a lovely Friday, people, next week I'll be showing you what I've chosen as the giveaway...if you haven't voted for a header, please do so to be in the running to get yourself some vintage paper love! x

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hanging to Play in this Room

I love what Suki has done for little Varpu; yes the room was created for a baby, but this Femme could easily hang out on the mass of cushions all day long staring up at her Eames Hang-It-All. (Note To Self; start saving so I can stare at one of my own...) Check out the entire blogpost here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pip to the (Interim) Rescue and a Giveaway!




I've had some great conversations with retail and blog friends about the importance of sharing knowledge and how some lovely creatives are a little reluctant to do it in case someone steals an idea or does something even better etc. I'm of the opinion that chatting things over and sharing ideas can only help your own creative process. Oh believe me, I used to keep things to myself for fear of being ripped off.....never told a soul about my desire to have a yellow and grey room as a teenager, for example! But as I've become older, more self assured perhaps, that attitude has g.o.n.e.
I think Pip over at Meet Me at Mike's comes from the same school of thinking as myself. After this post, I had an email arrive and the gorgeous thing had provided me with some headers, until mine had been sorted. I mean, how is that for generosity?! It's not like the girl has a book to write, a blog to run, a retail space and a family that needs her attention. Oh no, she is going to help this little Femme get her teensy blog looking schmick.
God I love that girl, her enthusiasm and zest for life and others is inspiring. Thanks so much, Pip!
So, now over to you, dear readers - I am going to use one of these blog headers while I get my own act together. I would love to hear which you like the best, please leave a comment with either 1, 2 or 3 (and a comment, if you so desire!) and whichever has the most votes will be the one used. And I am going to choose someone at random, for taking the trouble and send a little vintage love courtesy of Galerie Montmartre. February 28th is the closing date. Hurrah! (That's my cyber impression of Pip!!!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love in Bloom 2010

valentine's day dinner party flowers at chez trbuhovich

i love turquoise and orange....was patting myself on the back all night over this combination!

the morning after, all dishes were cleared - except for the dessert plates - and you don't have to look too closely to see the grubby fingermarks all over the almosyt empty carafe; which speaks of a 'successful' dinner party to me!! all images; shelley t

We hosted some gorgeous friends on February 14th. It just so happened that Valentine's Day was the time we could all get together. So, what to choose flower-wise? I knew that I wanted roses, but not necessarily red ones and I also knew that I wanted to fill one of our French champagne buckets with a little floral number; so hydrangeas with a contrasting orange hued rose was what I chose. I had fun putting them together.

I always think I'd love a house full of flowers, but the reality is, I spend the 'kitty' on magazines instead. So on the odd occasion when there is bouquets at every turn in Chez Trbuhovich, I feel extra happy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Carnival is Over....almost...

image; oobi baby via the happy home
I have been down the beach having an absolutely dreadful time relaxing by the sea, meeting new people, hanging out at cafes and playing games with my little people, even managed a conversation or three with L'Homme (!). But still the girl needs to get one last thing out of her system. A surprise birthday party for a favourite Queensland. So tomorrow I am taking Petit-Petit to go and play up north. I have wanted to be a little more spontaneous in 2010, this seemed the perfect opportunity to try out the new resolution.

I will be back on-board on Thursday and then no more swanning around for a while, I'll pop the party shoes and pink tutu away and resume my regular life again.

In the meantime, if you're in Australia, you must get your hands on the latest Inside Out magazine and check out some lovely Galmont vintage poster art.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Sister Pat and Prue from Christchurch

image; the fabulous My Sister Pat bathing suits found at Lark
The blogworld is a hilarious place, I can't get over how much it brings people together from all over the world...
Case in point; I strolled past a woman on the beach today (yes, still here!) who gave me a big smile and said to me, "I love your bathers"; we were in identical styles with different prints - ie. My Sister Pat 50's inspired one piece.

We got chatting....Prue was down from Christchurch NZ with her family, we spoke about our swimwear, quickly jumping to Lark, the power of blogs, our google readers and how full they are becoming. Prue told me during her visit that she'd also been to Meet Me at Mike's and Cottage Industry, as a result of her blog-love.
Then we chatted about our little people, travelling and professional lives.

"Oh, I have this business that sells vintage posters...."I answered.
Prue looks over with a glint in her eye, "Really?? What is the name of your company?"
"Oh my God", says my new acquaintance, "I was on your website the other night. I noticed you via The Design Files."
It ends up that Prue loves Lucy's blog, it's her daily read, a post about us caught her eye, so she spent a while checking out what we do.

Unbelievable; Do you call that Six Degrees of Separation??

Monday, February 1, 2010

Let's hear it for...


I was a primary school teacher once, spent my days with 7 and 8 year olds, before my life became completely consumed with Galmont and other creative pursuits. Teaching was the hardest work I have ever done in my life even though I was pretty good at it - I said the last bit of that sentence quietly, as it feels a little like bragging! I'm not showing off, just stating that although I had the teaching thing down, it was hard, hard, hard work. Seriously!
Those kids were gorgeous, the parents were beautiful; I felt so responsible for the little people under my care that I carried the lives of 24 kids in my head (and my heart) for an entire school year, doing everything I could to help them be great little citizens and an asset to the world.

So, if you are an Aussie parent with a child starting school today, get to know your teacher and let them know they are appreciated, there's a good chance they care almost as much for your child as you do!
image found here