Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Sister Pat and Prue from Christchurch

image; the fabulous My Sister Pat bathing suits found at Lark
The blogworld is a hilarious place, I can't get over how much it brings people together from all over the world...
Case in point; I strolled past a woman on the beach today (yes, still here!) who gave me a big smile and said to me, "I love your bathers"; we were in identical styles with different prints - ie. My Sister Pat 50's inspired one piece.

We got chatting....Prue was down from Christchurch NZ with her family, we spoke about our swimwear, quickly jumping to Lark, the power of blogs, our google readers and how full they are becoming. Prue told me during her visit that she'd also been to Meet Me at Mike's and Cottage Industry, as a result of her blog-love.
Then we chatted about our little people, travelling and professional lives.

"Oh, I have this business that sells vintage posters...."I answered.
Prue looks over with a glint in her eye, "Really?? What is the name of your company?"
"Oh my God", says my new acquaintance, "I was on your website the other night. I noticed you via The Design Files."
It ends up that Prue loves Lucy's blog, it's her daily read, a post about us caught her eye, so she spent a while checking out what we do.

Unbelievable; Do you call that Six Degrees of Separation??


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

That is incredibly cool! Love it when blog world and everyday world collide.

Great to know that yes, most of us out there are actually really cool chicks that would be fun to meet, and they'd be sure to be wearing really fab bathers when we do!

have fun at the beach :)


tess said...

Haha... its like a web 2.0 version of someone wearing the t-shirt of a band you like, and then on talking to them you discover you like all the same bands, and instantly know that person is a kindred spirit. fabulous!

Deidre in Interwebland said...

Surely you are talking about my wonderful "Prue from Christchurch" or could there be more than one!!
Deidre from Christchurch

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Yay, I love it when that happens! although it might be a while until I am next on a beach as it is freezing, knee-jangling weather!

Glad you are having a lovely summer,

Sarah x

PottyMouthMama said...

That is hilarious. I love how it all started because of your swimsuits. Too cool!

Lucy said...

Oh how funny! What a cute story ! :) Yes blogs bring people together in the most unusual of ways...!

Thanks Shel! Hope the holiday is fab! xxx

vicki archer said...

Fantastic...that's blogging for you...xv

citrus daisy said...

Oh My God Shelly, I was chatting to my friend Deidre tonight on the phone and she says to me are you Prue from Christchurch that Femme De Montmartre posted about? The hilarity of blogging connections continues. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your holiday.... Prue.

My Sister Pat Blog said...

what a fantastic story " My Sister Pat" unites discerning women.
regards from My Sister Pat Head Office here in Ballarat

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

how absolutely fantastic, prue - it is indeed you! and welcome to 'my sister pat' thanks for dropping by, so glad you found this little story. i knew it was too wonderful not to share.
thanks for your comments everyone, i had a fabulous, relaxing time away and now ready to join the real world again....x

Anonymous said...

Golly Gosh this gorgeous label My Sister Pat is amazing
I have just returned from a holiday in Surfers Paradise Qld, im from Victoria. On on last night of hols I was having a romantic dinner with my husband, feeling splendid in my My Sister Pat cossie accessorized with a lined lace skirt & in walks another My Sister Pat wearer plus linen shorts.
I had floral she had dots and was holidaying from Tassie...we talked and talked about our cossies and how great we felt! so much for the romantic dinner as they joined our table.

Extravagantly Perfect! said...

My Sister Pat have taken on another stockist for our charming our cotton the same street as Femme De Montmartre!

On the 5th March onwards pop into thread dens new store at 422 Brunswick st Fitzroy and delight in the selection of glorious fabric prints of My Sister Pat cossies. Peek at our blog at and be so 50's inspired with our very lastest " new style" MOLLY BLOOM