Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday - Galmont and Inside Out Magazine

photograph; john laurie styled by the lovely lucy feagins

Some of you may not have had the chance to see our posters in the latest edition of the
Inside Out magazine (ie. that might be you S-J Down the Lane and Rockin' Raina in Denver), so thought I'd give you a little glance.

Megan Morton is not only the stylist's stylist, but she is one fab person and has come up with the best written soundbite for vintage posters that I have read in a longtime.

"Posters are produced to attract viewers' attention and hold it. Their bold use of typography ensures they will always be centre stage in a room. Sarah is not alone in her passion for vintage posters. Due to their rarity, many have become collector's items, and their popularity has made them highly prized." Megan Morton for Inside Out March-April 2010

Have a lovely Friday, people, next week I'll be showing you what I've chosen as the giveaway...if you haven't voted for a header, please do so to be in the running to get yourself some vintage paper love! x


Raina Cox said...

Congrats on that!

I love that magazine.

And what beautiful posters they featured!!!

PottyMouthMama said...

I love Megsy too, she's a great lady!

You totes owned that issue lady. Every time I stopped to peek at something, oh guess where it was from...? Your gorgeous Galerie!
Well done toots, hope it converts for you. x

captain kk said...

yep, loved this feature and that is the perfect write up!

Kylie said...

Gorgeous images - big congratulations :) K

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Had a big grin seeing your posters and reading the write up- fabulosa!

Really thrilled for you - great stuff.

uglygirl said...

I noticed both those mentions when I was reading the magazine! Congratulations. I hope it results in lots of interest for Galmont.

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

thanks so much for your comments; very sweet, generous people, aren't you? we have had a good response, so far.
megan morton is someone you completely want in your corner. a great girl.