Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love in Bloom 2010

valentine's day dinner party flowers at chez trbuhovich

i love turquoise and orange....was patting myself on the back all night over this combination!

the morning after, all dishes were cleared - except for the dessert plates - and you don't have to look too closely to see the grubby fingermarks all over the almosyt empty carafe; which speaks of a 'successful' dinner party to me!! all images; shelley t

We hosted some gorgeous friends on February 14th. It just so happened that Valentine's Day was the time we could all get together. So, what to choose flower-wise? I knew that I wanted roses, but not necessarily red ones and I also knew that I wanted to fill one of our French champagne buckets with a little floral number; so hydrangeas with a contrasting orange hued rose was what I chose. I had fun putting them together.

I always think I'd love a house full of flowers, but the reality is, I spend the 'kitty' on magazines instead. So on the odd occasion when there is bouquets at every turn in Chez Trbuhovich, I feel extra happy.


sarah-jane down the lane said...

Great combo Shelley, love the orange especially, such a joyous hue.

Glad you had a great evening,

Sarah x

Kimberlee said...

LOVE! And I always love seeing pics of your home Shelley, exquisite style xx

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Looks like the makings of a fun night! The flowers look gorgeous. I have an old bashed up Moet wine bucket that I got from ebay that i use exactly the same way!

Love your home! julesx

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,
Just love love love the hydrangeas - i got a beautiful powder blue bunch last week as I grew up with them in my grandmothers garden and couldn't resist. They lasted the week - the trick from Vasette was to spray the heads every day - worked a treat. Sarah S

Kate James said...

I've finally found time to drop by your gorgeous blog Shelley and saw this post.

Loved the flowers (they were even more divine in real life) and your beautiful home. It was a great night, thanks again.

Our turn next xx

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

well, this has actually started me off on a new routine. i loved having the flowers in my home sooooo much, they made me smile - in fact, the ones that you brought over, kate, are still sitting in the vase (in our bathroom now) looking amazing, two weeks later! so anyway, we drop l'homme at work every sunday morning, then i go straight to vasette, choose my weekly bloom and set them up at home. so fortunate to be able to indulge in this way. x