Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Galerie Montmartre goes to Perth!

image; Western Australia, Trompf, 1936; stephan t for galerie montmartre

L'Homme de Montmartre is headed west today for the 7th Annual Antiques Art and Jewellery Fair. Galmont had a great time in Perth last year, meeting some very loyal people, so we're doing it again!
If you are in the area and want to see some fantastic vintage poster art - presented by a very knowledgable and handsome man (!!) - we'd love to see you!

The 7th Annual Antiques Art and Jewellery Fair
Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th of July
University of Western Australia
Winthrop Hall
Stirling Highway
Crawley, WA. 6009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Paris in my Bedroom

image; Paris by Raymond Savignac (my all-time favourite poster artist), 1951, photographed on a very dark day by shelley t

I couldn't wait to show you this. Yes, the photo is dodgy; yes, the colours aren't quite right, yes, the styling is non-existent, but you get the idea, yes?! Finally Chez Trbuhovich is getting it's poster-art act together and here is a small look at one of the pieces that we now live with. In fact, tomorrow morning, I'll wake to it.
A quick explanation, you know how you hear about the plumber whose taps always drip or the mechanic with the broken automobile or, (I personally know) a naturopath who fails to remember to take her vitamins on a regular basis? Well, let's just say that these two avid vintage poster collectors have had empty walls for far too long. So, we (ie. L'Homme et Moi) have slowly been framing our collection and today our beautiful picture hanger, Jessica, came around and worked her magic.
Already I am feeling better - and the best part? We still have walls to fill!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Friday - New Posters and Old Memories

image; michelle for galerie montmartre
Galmont got some new vintage posters in this week, we love getting new posters! Here's one of them.

Enjoy your weekend, I'm going to spend mine reminiscing about the good ol' days as I listen to Michael Jackson very loudly!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When Megan Morton says...

images; good weekend mag, june 20, 2009; megan m portrait, anson smart; product photography, phu tang

...'jump', of course, most of the Australian decor world says, "how high?" Which is exactly what Galmont did when she came calling on us a few weeks back for her top 30 picks under $250. So, over the weekend, this little article went national and we were thrilled to have been chosen amongst other fabulous products. (The light hanging beside our framed poster will likely find a home in Chez Trbuhovich!)

So, the details, the poster Megan chose is by prolific and celebrated posterist, Herve Morvan, circa 1970. It is advertising Billecart champagne and the dimensions (which were actually printed incorrectly) are 40 X 60cms. (unframed) And yes, the $250 price tag, includes framing.

It's a great way for us to brighten the winter doom and gloom, giving people the opportunity to own such a gorgeous image at such an incredible price!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Friday - Fitzroy Fundraising Fun

images; 1 & 2 from fitzroy p.s website - 3 stephan t for galerie montmartre

Fitzroy Primary School are holding their annual fundraising auction tonight. Galmont donated the image pictured directly above, how cute is it? We thought this 1950's poster by Seguin was fitting for a school benefit given it's message of health and sobriety. It was also extra special to give something back to the place that educated L'Homme de Montmartre many, many moons ago! Fitzroy is such a fabulous community, we're very fortunate to be a part of it.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thanks, Glimpse of Style!

Parapluie Revel, 1922, Leonetto Cappiello
this is lee's - from 'glimpse of style' - favourite image

I feel quite chuffed! Lovely Lee at 'Glimpse of Style' decided to feature Galmont as her Monday morning shop post. It was such a lovely surprise; particularly when she is yet to step foot through the door. I am really looking forward to having her come by Galmont and showing her the images she has chosen (for her Son's bedroom renovation), in person. I can't wait to see her face when she sees the clarity of the colours and the boldness of the posters, let alone the beauty of the retail space!

Thanks so much, Lee!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

'Vogue Living' the Dream in Daylesford

images; mikkel vang, photographer and helen redmond, styling - vogue living australia july/august 2009

This story may take a minute, there is a point, so please bare with me!!

I was fortunate to spend time in the gorgeous country town of Daylesford with my family over the weekend. We've been regular visitors to this part of the world since returning back from living overseas, it reminds me of so many European places, yet only an hour and a quarter from home and we're there. Actually, someone described it as 'Brunswick St. in the country' yesterday.....they have a point - maybe that's the attraction!

I think that I make the comment "I'd love to have a house here..." at least a few times a day everytime I am there and it is very high on my wish list.....so then I get home and open the latest 'Vogue Living' July/August 2009 to see Lyn Gardener standing in a room, which I didn't recognise as being her city home. It is her new place - in Daylesford! I laughed aloud.

See, Lyn Gardener wouldn't know me if I fell in front of her, yet we share many things in common - our neighbourhood for a start, we're often shopping at the same supermarket, or sipping coffee in the same cafe. It seems we also share a love for banged up bits and bobs around the house, owning something made for one purpose but using it in another way, we love industrial vintage furniture, sometimes form over function (ask L'Homme de Montmartre about that one!) and judging by the pics in this latest chapter of her home style; we are in sync with a love of industrial lighting and fans, naked oversized bulbs hanging around, black and white with a bit of red for fun, walls full of books and great big armchairs, cushions made of flags and coffee sacks - but that's where the similarities end, cause Lyn Gardener is actually living it....whereas my ideas are drawings in sketch books, dreams floating in my head, a box of oversized bulbs still sitting in the attic waiting for an electrician to do something with them or a filing cabinet full of tearsheets from magazines!

So that's why I laughed, a 'good for you' laugh with a smidge of envy tossed in....I think it's great - congrats on living my dream, Ms Gardner!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday - Rougestore

images; stephan t for galerie montmartre

Our friend, Muriel (along with Francoise), from Cassis is dropping into Galmont tomorrow as she leads her walking tour sampling French delights of Melbourne. But like most of the lovely creatives I know, she has more than one string to her bow, including importing clothes, stationary and other goodies from France - with business partner, Natalie - and selling them through their company, Rougestore, which has just launched a blog.
To help them celebrate I thought a few French vintage posters with rouge as the dominant colour was in order!
Enjoy your weekend, folks. x

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Office Inspirations

images by shelley t
idea inspired by sfgirlbybay- blog post here

I love working at my desk and turning to my right to see all these images of people, places and things that make me smile.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hooray for 'Cloth' Cushions!

When I saw the latest work coming from the lovely creatives at 'Cloth' I knew that Chez Trbuhovich had just the place for it. One-off cushions made from old coffee sacks, hand printed fabrics and words; finally the mystery of 'what to put on those chairs' was solved. ('Those chairs' being a pair of battered deco, leather rocking chairs that I picked up at 'Tarlo & Graham' many, many moons ago.....they weren't battered when I bought them, mind you, Petit-Petit Garcon has made it his personal mission to destroy them in his short little life!)

The Sydney folk were most obliging with pictures of the latest cushions in their showroom and before I knew it, two of those babies made their way to me.

I'm really pleased with the results. It's like having little pieces of art for sitting on!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Friday - Time to Go Home

grainy, blurry image with big flash in the middle (!) ; shelley t for galerie montmartre
As I looked out of my little office at Galmont today, I was met with all these lovely framed posters waiting for their owners to pick them up and take them home.
It made me smile.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Danish Delight - Line Juhl Hansen

all images; line juhl hansen via 'made by girl'
This love affair with Danish homes (remember this beauty?)is taking me completely by surprise at the moment. I think it is the comfort and ease in the decorating that brings me here....mind you, the fact that I am thinking of brightening my own place could be leading me to these interiors, as well. And we share a love of the odd designer bit thrown in for good measure. (ie. light fixture and stokke high-chairs seen in dining area....we've got a couple of red ones - and they're great!)
According to artist Line Juhl Hansen - whose home I am showing (via the gorgeous blog Made by Girl) - the first two photos are her most favourite part of her home, it's where she hangs with her little people.
Something about these pictures really says the word 'home' to me....gotta love that!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And Vintage Poster Makes Four...

image; Abatilles Mineral Water, Auriac, 1960.
stephan t for galerie montmartre

Congratulations must go to Abbey and her partner whose little one arrived late last week.

Abbey Goes Design Scouting was one of the seven blogs that I gave an Awe-summ award to. I've never met her, however, I have been checking in every morning for the past couple of weeks "to see if Abbey's had her baby yet" - which is what I would tell my trois garcons as I opened the laptop before getting anyone breakfast!! So I feel very thrilled that the little one is here safe and well!

Abbey has twice spoken of vintage French posters, once here and once here (I absolutely love that rug on the nursery floor, by the way). So I've been wondering lately what Galmont could find for a teeny tiny brand new baby boy's room...it's more like, what couldn't I find?! There's so many choices.....

So for now I chose one image that suits the occasion and will simply say 'Congratulations Abbey on a job well done. Have fun getting to know your new baby'.
x femme de montmartre - shelley t