Tuesday, June 16, 2009

'Vogue Living' the Dream in Daylesford

images; mikkel vang, photographer and helen redmond, styling - vogue living australia july/august 2009

This story may take a minute, there is a point, so please bare with me!!

I was fortunate to spend time in the gorgeous country town of Daylesford with my family over the weekend. We've been regular visitors to this part of the world since returning back from living overseas, it reminds me of so many European places, yet only an hour and a quarter from home and we're there. Actually, someone described it as 'Brunswick St. in the country' yesterday.....they have a point - maybe that's the attraction!

I think that I make the comment "I'd love to have a house here..." at least a few times a day everytime I am there and it is very high on my wish list.....so then I get home and open the latest 'Vogue Living' July/August 2009 to see Lyn Gardener standing in a room, which I didn't recognise as being her city home. It is her new place - in Daylesford! I laughed aloud.

See, Lyn Gardener wouldn't know me if I fell in front of her, yet we share many things in common - our neighbourhood for a start, we're often shopping at the same supermarket, or sipping coffee in the same cafe. It seems we also share a love for banged up bits and bobs around the house, owning something made for one purpose but using it in another way, we love industrial vintage furniture, sometimes form over function (ask L'Homme de Montmartre about that one!) and judging by the pics in this latest chapter of her home style; we are in sync with a love of industrial lighting and fans, naked oversized bulbs hanging around, black and white with a bit of red for fun, walls full of books and great big armchairs, cushions made of flags and coffee sacks - but that's where the similarities end, cause Lyn Gardener is actually living it....whereas my ideas are drawings in sketch books, dreams floating in my head, a box of oversized bulbs still sitting in the attic waiting for an electrician to do something with them or a filing cabinet full of tearsheets from magazines!

So that's why I laughed, a 'good for you' laugh with a smidge of envy tossed in....I think it's great - congrats on living my dream, Ms Gardner!


captain kk said...

ahh daylesford.. i too would love a little quirky cottage in daylesford. do you know harts lane? it has a similar aesthetic that i think you would love.

(try again later bc for some reason the website must be down at the mo)

or try


captain kk said...

oh and i forgot to ask if you know mart cafe in middle park? i think you will love that too. (one of the owners of mart owns the harts lane place - i think) it's the old middle park tram stop and the only thing missing is the word 'mart' written on the glass front door that reads 'tram' from inside.. at least, that is what i would do :)

Kimberlee said...

Shelley! great minds think alike. How dreamy is that place? to die for. I love your store, haven't been there in 'the flesh' yet but have visited your website many times. I promise to pop back again soon x

The Sobbing Settee ... said...

Wow ... what an amazing place. Love to spend a few lazy hours in that library. Just love the smell of really old books ;-)
But what's with all the hair???

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

well hello lovelies!
kk - thanks for the tips on hartslane and mart cafe. will definitely check out both asap. thx. x
hey kimberlee! so glad you dropped by to see my 'take' on the whole lyn.g in daylesford thing. yes, really beautiful place. have you seen her store 'empire vintage'?
and sobbing settee (sob is such a great word, isn't it?!) - lyn's hair is her signature look. (i'm not sure if she wears her hair any other way publicly.) regardless of time of day, she always has her curls piled high with a flower or some decorative piece placed in the middle.
x thanks for reading

eena said...

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