Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When Megan Morton says...

images; good weekend mag, june 20, 2009; megan m portrait, anson smart; product photography, phu tang

...'jump', of course, most of the Australian decor world says, "how high?" Which is exactly what Galmont did when she came calling on us a few weeks back for her top 30 picks under $250. So, over the weekend, this little article went national and we were thrilled to have been chosen amongst other fabulous products. (The light hanging beside our framed poster will likely find a home in Chez Trbuhovich!)

So, the details, the poster Megan chose is by prolific and celebrated posterist, Herve Morvan, circa 1970. It is advertising Billecart champagne and the dimensions (which were actually printed incorrectly) are 40 X 60cms. (unframed) And yes, the $250 price tag, includes framing.

It's a great way for us to brighten the winter doom and gloom, giving people the opportunity to own such a gorgeous image at such an incredible price!

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