Monday, June 29, 2009

Paris in my Bedroom

image; Paris by Raymond Savignac (my all-time favourite poster artist), 1951, photographed on a very dark day by shelley t

I couldn't wait to show you this. Yes, the photo is dodgy; yes, the colours aren't quite right, yes, the styling is non-existent, but you get the idea, yes?! Finally Chez Trbuhovich is getting it's poster-art act together and here is a small look at one of the pieces that we now live with. In fact, tomorrow morning, I'll wake to it.
A quick explanation, you know how you hear about the plumber whose taps always drip or the mechanic with the broken automobile or, (I personally know) a naturopath who fails to remember to take her vitamins on a regular basis? Well, let's just say that these two avid vintage poster collectors have had empty walls for far too long. So, we (ie. L'Homme et Moi) have slowly been framing our collection and today our beautiful picture hanger, Jessica, came around and worked her magic.
Already I am feeling better - and the best part? We still have walls to fill!!


Lee said...

Shelley, regardless of the light/styling/photography this looks absolutely gorgeous. The frame you have chosen for this poster is absolutely spot on - it suits the poster to a T! Lee :)

Lucy said...

OH Shelley.... I love this one!! Aggh. Toooo gorgeous! Must buy something from you very soon. maybe Chanel. Maybe Paris fireworks. Decisions decisions.

Thanks for your comments over on my site... YES don't worry I just stumbled across Husk in Carlton a few months ago. It's kinda new. And nowhere near as good at the Hawksburn one or Albert Park one. Blah. Great pom poms though huh?

MUST come to see you soon. Am so busy already it's ridiculous. But I really wanna see ya! AND photograph your house! :) Love to all your boys xx

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

well, this is all very nice, ladies!
actually the frame, lee, was handmade by our framer from three frames and then he painted it. so it is pretty special. thanks for your positivity.
and lucy, once things settle for you we can get together for conversation and photos and posters. at least we're both in the same city for a while! x