Thursday, June 4, 2009

Danish Delight - Line Juhl Hansen

all images; line juhl hansen via 'made by girl'
This love affair with Danish homes (remember this beauty?)is taking me completely by surprise at the moment. I think it is the comfort and ease in the decorating that brings me here....mind you, the fact that I am thinking of brightening my own place could be leading me to these interiors, as well. And we share a love of the odd designer bit thrown in for good measure. (ie. light fixture and stokke high-chairs seen in dining area....we've got a couple of red ones - and they're great!)
According to artist Line Juhl Hansen - whose home I am showing (via the gorgeous blog Made by Girl) - the first two photos are her most favourite part of her home, it's where she hangs with her little people.
Something about these pictures really says the word 'home' to me....gotta love that!

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