Sunday, May 3, 2009

Danish Delight

images; bo bedre via The Style Files

While checking out some of my favourite design blogs over the weekend, I happened upon the home of Rie Elise Larsen over at The Style Files and was instantly smitten.
I love her use of vintage pieces with more modern designs, the tolix chairs in a variety of colours, the light of her apartment, the mix and match fabrics, the considered furniture placement which looks as if it 'just happened' that way. Gorgeous. And then I saw it.....lo and behold if there wasn't a vintage poster sitting on the dining wall!
Now I know the girl's got style!


Kate James said...

Stunning! I love the mix of old and new (and the vintage poster of course).

Thanks for dropping by my blog Shelley and yes, wasn't that train station routine great. x

Arthur's Circus said...

that house looks fabulous, I'm off to follow your links....

Lucy said...

oh YES stunning I love these shots!

Thanks for the tip-off Shelley! I'm following Natalie over there....! x

tess said...

Oh, the Danes, what a picturesque world they live in... yet so homely as well! Love that yellow chair!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

so lovely to have your company, kate, natalie, lucy and tess - yes, yes, yes and yes to all your comments!
and did you love danielle's blog? it's one of my favourites.
x shelley t