Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kat Macleod Joy!

image; kat macleod via jacky winter

I went along to the first night of 'Slight Inclusions' tonight to get a glimpse of Kat Macleod's gorgeous illustrations. Ohhhhh, so much to enjoy!

I really enjoy the 'simplicity' of the mediums used - pencil, collage and watercolours, it is so joyous. Almost like sophisticated child-play, and I mean that with the deepest respect, it just makes me smile so much! In fact, I noticed smiles on the those who were there; stepping in closer to take in the hint of sequins or pleating of paper or examining the expression on the lovely women's faces. The place was packed and I walked away with a sassy little piece just for me - my feminine addition to testosterone filled Chez Trbuhovich - simply called 'Undress'. Will reveal all when I bring her home in November. So joyful!

Slight Inclusions by Kat Macleod - October 16th to November 15th
Lamington Drive, 89 George St. Fitzroy, 3065


Kimberlee said...

Oh I love Kat's work - so jealous you got yourself a little bit of Kat! I have Michi girl's book "Like I give a frock" and love her work in it.

Have a beautiful weekend S xx

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

and a lovely w/e to you, gorgeous girl! to be honest, i was quite determined to get a little illustration from k mac, as i absolutely loved her first exhibition. you would love the way her art is curated, she wrote directly on the cardboard backing, with red wool and little pins linking the pieces. it was lovely. next time we should plan for you to come to melb. x

captain kk said...

love it! can't wait to see a photo of it once you get it home :)

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

hey captain, i'll definitely get a pic together once the little thing comes home. hope you're well. x