Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let's hear it for...

all images; issues 7, 5 & 17 covers courtesy of dumbofeather
After a delightful day with Ms. G and then attempting to draft an important document back at Galmont, I returned to Chez Trbuhovich a little low on energy. However, that quickly changed when I noticed the latest issue of Dumbofeather waiting on the doorstep in all it's recycled glory!

I love a story, particularly in relation to lovely creatives; I'm interested in what makes people tick, where they come from, where they're going, what's important to them, the development of their area of interest - with Dumbofeather, I meet five people who give me a good yarn. It may be an artist, a midwife, a charity worker, an entrepreneur, a teacher; I don't care, I just love their stories!

I am grateful to Kate James for switching me onto this publication, after reading my first copy cover to cover, I immediately back-ordered the 15 odd 'mooks' (is it a magazine? is it a book?) I had missed. I try to read a story every couple of days, as I find it's like a little battery charger for the soul. So, dear ones, it is time for me to immerse myself in Issue Twenty-one - Ahhhh!

PS. Of course, The Design Files has interviewed Kate Bezar, Dumbofeather's founder, check it out here.
PPS. Have just noticed that Deb's blog (for Real Living) has also posted about Kate Bezar here.

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