Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On the Shelf - My place and Your's

petit-petit's shelf with my some of my original enid blyton's and 'toot-toot' (owl softie)

this shelf is actually twice as long as what is shown, it came out of a hardware store, perfect for petit-petit's bits and pieces. Here's a close up of top shelves incl. artwork (i drew the bird pic as a 3yr old, my mum saved it and gave it to me as a gift); family photos (that's l'homme front left and me front right), the little dolls top left were also mine, the spools were found at a flea market and have graced many shelves!

close up of petit's shelf, we have the full collection of miffy books (a first bday gift) which were in fabulous condition until petit-petit came along and decided that book bindings were part of his diet; football cards still yet to be sorted; that's a container of shells under the bird finger puppets

we paid $20 for this shelf in nyc 26th st flea markets a gazillion years ago, the woman couldn't believe someone was actually buying it, we couldn't believe we'd found a cute shelf with l'homme's name emblazoned across the top! i think it's called a win-win. this shelf has lived all around the place, but has found it's final resting place in petit's room.

I think I am about to break a promise here. You see, I've been doing a bit of - in the words of styling guru, Megan Morton - 'house-whispering' lately. I decided that the shelves that were in the Garcon's rooms needed shifting around. A simple, but very affective decision, I must say, both the little guys have noticed and are loving it. Petit is able to curate his current obsessions (ie. his personal art work, shells and AFL (footy) cards - we do live in Melbourne after all, that damn game never seems to go away!!) and Petit-Petit can reach the things he loves the most (ie. wooden animals and books - neither seen in these photos).
So then Pip comes up with an idea that we all have some blogging fun by becoming part of the meme series 'My place and your's'. The first topic - 'On the Shelf' - which is where the broken promise bit comes in, cause I'm sure a few posts back I promised to never harp about Chez Trbuhovich again....please forgive me. I really should never say never!

PS. If you want to join in the fun, then go here.

PPS. Speaking of On the Shelf, Thursday's post is extremely fitting, cannot wait to share it!!


sarah-jane down the lane said...

Go cats go!

I always get swept along with all the madness when I visit even though I haven't a clue what's going on!
My sister in laws family went to school in Geelong so are mad for the Cats!

Loving the collection you described shells and AFL cards, my kind of ephemera!

Love Sarah x

captain kk said...

what's this nonsense about not posting about chez trbuhovich? post away i say!

Cloudbusting said...

Love your shelves!! I have plenty of Enid Blyton and Dr Suess books on my shelves too. Thanks for sharing yours :)

Anonymous said...

You & Dionne collect the same books, she has a collection of first edition Noddy books which she lovingly bought in a used book store in Covent Garden. These are on Williams top shelf away from sticky fingers, joining the collection are real dinosaur bones, fossils & old dinky toys, to be enjoyed when he can appreciate them better.

Love Sally

p.s. I enjoy hearing about chez trbuhovich, especially junior T's.

Pip Lincolne said...

I love your books!
Ah. Lovely. Ace. Yes.

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

well you're all a bit lovely, aren't you? i am a homebody these days, so the queen enjoys sprucing up the castle. and occasionally letting others see what's going on. including rellies from overseas. (hello aunty sally!!) x

Eni said...

Your original Enid Blyton collection reminds me of those old "Blyton Days." I am glad to inform you that I have published a book on Enid Blyton, titled, The Famous Five:A Personal Anecdotage (www.bbotw.com)

Stephen Isabirye