Friday, October 29, 2010

A Spooky Weekend...

We don't really do Halloween in Australia, although it is slowly creeping into our calendars. But, I can't let October 31 go by without acknowledging the fact that I had some of the best nights of my life on this very date while living in the U.S...hmmm, which memory will I share? The limo full of friends - dressed as naughty maids (umm, yes, that would be me), nurses, rednecks, dracula etc. -going from one party to the next in NYC or wandering the San Francisco streets dressed as Catwoman? Maybe sitting at a Greenwich village bar alone at 9pm 'just for one drink', befriending strangers and not returning home until 7am?!
So many great times - that's the best part of memories, no one can take them away and they get better over time!
So Happy Halloween to my American beauties and to the rest of us, have a great weekend. x

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captain kk said...

i love halloween! such a great holiday.. just dress up. no presents. no pressure. i also had a great night in the u.s. for halloween.. in new orleans where no-one needs a good excuse to dress up at the best of times :)
i'll be dressing up the front of our place for halloween so if your little ones feel like dressing up & want to knock on my scary door for a trick or treat on sunday evening, then pop on by team t!