Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chez Trbuhovich on The Design Files

images lucy feagins at the design files

Well, what do you know? Someone actually deems your humble abode worthy of photographing and putting on their blog. Not just anyone, but someone with an eye for design! I think Lucy's done an awesome job, after following her around for the first ten mins of the shoot asking her if she needed me to move this or that, I relaxed, left her to it and simply said 'surprise me' and she really has.

It's interesting to see the place that you live in, play in, relax in, argue in (!) through the eyes of someone else. It's amazing how many details just pass you by as you go about daily life and you're focussing on the next project that needs doing.....I'm glad we weren't doing a story on that!!
I love what Lucy has done, I'm looking at Chez Trbuhovich with new eyes, you can see that people actually live there (eg. the toys on the floor of Petit-Petit Garcon's room are just as he left them that morning (!!)) - which is exactly why you can't get to every little project as you'd like - and I'm really grateful for that new insight.

Thanks to The Design Files; that Lucy's so clever, which is why I am her no. 1 'cheerleader'!

Go across to her site and check it out.


debbie.ferguson said...

Congratulations on the article & photos of your abode. You have an absolutely gorgeous home which is truly defined in those amzing photos. Love Deb xoxox

Arthur's Circus said...

Hi Shelley, someone came into the shop and told me your home was on the design files. No suprises that I love it. Now it's my turn to stalk...ha ha. I'll have to dig out your email.

SewHum said...

Wow - Lucy sure dose have a great eye. But your house is FANTASTIC!!
You have some Fab stuff!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Shelley you are now officially famous. And your place looks amazing.

Kimberlee said...

You deserve it all and more. The images were awesome and on Apartment Therapy? Meh - doesn't surprise me at all. You are seriously rocking my round about Ms Shelley!!! xxxx

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

this is all very lovely! thanks so much....and to be told you're 'rockin' someone's round about' - that's a first for this ol' girl! x

captain kk said...

your house is gorgeous! of course i knew it would be. definitely got a signature style going on :) and congrats on being featured on apartment therapy. x