Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peas in a Pod - Mirka Mora and Christina Gordon

image; together by mirka mora, 1996;eva breuer art dealer

image; diorama by christina gordon (didn't get a chance to use it in this post!)

image; mirka at tolarno dining room

I came to a realisation as I ate my birthday dinner (yes, i know....it was a week ago....) on Sunday night. I was surrounded by Mirka Mora's glorious murals and suddenly I realised the similarities between Mirka and Christina's work - beautifully big-eyed, playful, mischievious impish little people; an innocence and a naughtines wrapped up in bright colours and childlike imagery. I find their art so much fun, so inspiring, so delightful.

And here endeth the birthday indulging and epiphanies(!) until the same time next year!

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