Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gotta Love Birthdays!

images; Martha Stewart

And I do. Really! I love them. I'd have one everyday if I could, but one a year is our quota and tomorrow is mine and I am going to lap up every single second of it. L'Homme is taking care of Petit and Petit-Petit and I am hitting Flinders Lane to gallery hop and drool over some gorgeous furniture. No doubt, my little cup will be overflowing with inspiration by the time the day is over.
PS. A quick personal birthday fact, on one particularly important birthday - not so long ago - I ate a flourless chocolate cupcake(as featured above) for breakfast every morning for two weeks.


pen said...

happy birthday!
are you going for a month of cupcakes this year??!

captain kk said...

happy birthday shelley! have a super indulgent day in the city. those cupcakes look so good :) enjoy!

muriel@cassis.com.au said...

Joyeux anniversaire Shelley!
Hope you enjoy your shopping in Flinders Lane. Maybe you will pop in Degraves St in the cup cake shop?
A bientôt.

Kimberlee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a fabulous day - sounds perfect! And I love your personal birthday fact, I agree with Pen, go for a month of cupcakes this year! xx

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

thanks so much for your bday wishes, lovely creatives! how gorgeous to be acknowledged by four beautiful and talented women like your fine selves!
nooooo, i only ate chocolate desserts five nights straight; not quite the same as a month worth of cupcakes....but you've given me an idea for next bday, pen. why not, i say?!! x

handmadelife said...

Martha Feb 2009. so with you on the cupcakes!