Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MM + KK = a gorgeous moment

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photo; Earl Carter via artshub.com.au
image; Self Portrait by Mirka Mora via moragalleries.com.au

Serendipity would be one of my favourite words. When a moment happens in time that feels so right, yet also feels like it naturally fell into place is often rare, which is why I am focussing on a little something that happened over the weekend to my bloggy-friend, Captain KK.

KK was eating out Sunday morning when someone just happened to mention that Mirka Mora (legendary French-born, Melbourne-based artist; who is definitely one of my all-time favourite lovely creatives, I spoke about her here; she is always on my ' imaginary dinner party list' - probably sitting between Mary Magdalene and Obama Barack, opposite Colette and Johnny Depp!) was giving a talk at a nearby pub - actually nearer to me than KK, but that's beside the point (!!) - she grabbed her partner and her little girl and bolted for the door.

See, KK loves MM too. KK loves MM so much that she named her daughter after her!
So little Mirka got to meet big Mirka, not because KK flashed her kid in MM's face, but because the people running the event found it all so gorgeous, they introduced little Mirka to the entire room after big Mirka's talk.

Lo and behold if MM wasn't so thrilled to meet her namesake, that she announced she would be doing a drawing for little Mirka. My heart is beating extra fast just writing that sentence, cause that is sooooo wonderful!! An original Mirka Mora for the original baby Mirka - serendipity!

Well done Captain! You can read KK's account here.

PS. Captain KK - being the generous soul she is - sent me a message, but the event was over by the time I received it....I'm thrilled that her family had such a wonderful opportunity.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh what a lovely post. I adore Mirka Mora's art. I have only recently found her fabulous creations via a magazine article [can't remember which one] but as it is, now see her everywhere. Her use of colour and also her charismatic angels are truly delightful. Her work does remind me of the style of some mexican artists. Thanks for this lovely post.. and lovely story to match. It must be the angels.

captain kk said...

what a beautiful post! thankyou :) will keep you updated on how the story unfolds. will hopefully get a photo of the 2 mirkas together soon. xx

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

glad you enjoyed the post, girls. i agree, julie, there is definitely something of mexican artistry in mm's work. i love art that has childlike qualities.....and i love women who are a little on the naughty side, which mm proudly is.
hey kk, thanks for sharing such a beautiful story. looking forward to seeing the photos. x