Thursday, July 23, 2009

Absolutely Beautiful French Things

image; astor theatre

image; erin slattery for galerie montmartre

image; nanette from rummage via absolutely beautiful things

image; nannette at rummage via absolutely beautiful things

I don't think there would be one person who would not know of Anna at Absolutely Beautiful Things. She is a passionate business owner, Mother and blogger who is sought after by everyone due to her impeccable taste, her unique personal style and her commitment to the blogworld. She was the second blog I read....after Natalie's, then I noticed she featured on every blogroll going - and rightly so, it is a daily joy.

Well, recently Anna serendipitously discovered Nanette's blog and is really enjoying her vignettes which she believes 'envoke an Australian style'. I agree, they're beautiful and they do, but this Francophile's eye was immediately drawn to two things; the corner of a French poster peeping out from behind the bottlebrush and the French carafe sitting stylishly beside the vase. Items that Galmont have plenty of.....

And now, on second reading of the actual post, it seems that Nanette is married to "an odd Frenchman" (her words, not mine!) - so voila - mystery solved!!


captain kk said...

i may be wrong, but i think the movie "the holiday" had a few vintage posters in it too... funny how other photos remind you of things :)

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

yes, it absolutely did, captain! i have a list of movies and shows that use vintage posters - hilarious! i'm planning to do a post in the future....but, you know, so much to do, so little time. i know you get it!! x

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Shelley, Thanks so much for this lovely, lovely post! So you are the one with that wonderful vintage poster shop?!!! I saw you featured in a magazine a while ago!!

Just to let you know also - the photos aren't mine. They are Nanette's from Rummage.

Thanks so much again!

Kindest regards,


Shelley Trbuhovich said...

yes anna - it's me! thanks so much for dropping by, hope you'll visit again sometime...i know you're busy being at the forefront of aussie blogging and all. (!!)have corrected the images to reflect that they are nanette's.