Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Friday - Design:Made:Trade

After having my head in book-work for most of the day (blah...), it was time for some creative inspiration, so I walked down to the Royal Exhibition Buildings (only 5 mins away from Galmont) to look around Design:Made:Trade

I just love being around lovely creatives and I wasn't disappointed. I ran into Pene of the adorable Cottage Industry (thanks for my fingerless gloves, P!), as I looked around the Words and Pictures stand - finding myself some lovely little gift tags - and said congrats to the team at Mattt who are opening their new store in Gertrude st, I remember seeing their bags at the StKilda market many moons ago.

But, of course, it wasn't just the people....although the people part is soooo very important (!) was the products. I purposely didn't take much money, but, the little I had bought me a unique necklace made from vintage buttons from hello birthday which was calling my name from the moment I saw it. I laughed as I wondered which necklace suited me from the Layla Starr range - 'damaged goods'? 'dark horse'?! The feedaway also gave me a smile, as I know what it is like to attempt to feed a toddler in a public place, wriggling and squirming and ready for the next adventure - maybe one of these flatpack cardboard, portable highchairs is in order? Victoria Mason was very gracious, showing me her little 'morning tea' stack rings complete with a miniature biscuit and teaspoon. In fact, alot of the pieces included real humour, which was the perfect remedy for a slightly jaded book-keeping shopgirl, like my good self!

If you are after a daily dose of the State of Design festival, then you seriously need to check out The Design Files, cause young Lucy is breaking all records as far as attendance goes in order to keep us up-to-date with what's happening and doing a might fine job, I might add.

Enjoy your weekend!


captain kk said...

i must have just missed you.. i was pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed myself this arvo :)

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

oh no! what a shame we missed each other. yeah, i enjoyed it. found lots of lovely bits, had lovely conversations. x