Tuesday, July 21, 2009

House and Garden and Wine and Vintage Posters

image; Soufre Gre by Leon Dupin, 1933 (above sideboard)

i'm fairly sure the office chair is a delicious eames, definitely on the galmont wish-list

this cushion is calling me, it says 'bonne nuit les petits', perfect wine-red on linen
This home belongs to Veronica Webster, and her partner, David, who together run the wine consultancy By The Dozen. As Veronica has said to me in the past there is definite synergy between art and wine.....which is why vintage posters feature in her home, along with some beautiful reminders of France.
Check out 'House and Garden' August 2009 to see this beautifully renovated deco apartment, styled beautifully by Megan Morton and photographed by Jason Busch.....and vintage poster from Galerie Montmartre.


Anonymous said...

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Shelley Trbuhovich said...

thanks so much julianna - i love chairs, so any website that features them is always fun to me. i'll be following the link.

Roula said...

Hi Shelly, loved the pics of your home on the design files blog - but do tell where do you find all those Featherston chairs!? I adore them...

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

hi roula, you've actually given me an idea for a future blog-post. i am a huge fan of featherston chairs, i find them gorgeous on so many levels. being in our business, we are fortunate enough to meet some people that specialise in all sorts of things. two of our chairs came from a vintage fair that we were working in. we spied them at the very back of a stand looking hagard and bought them immediately for an absolute song. two others were bought from a guy called ross hines who ran a shop called 'tongue and groove' in fitzroy and is behind the 'lost and found' markets in collingwood. we've had them all for years....one day, we'll reupholster them!
thanks for reading.