Friday, May 7, 2010

Sunday 9th of May 2010

Saying Happy Mother's Day is a bit of a loaded thing for me. It wasn't exactly a road paved in gold, my road to Motherhood. And that crazy road changed my life, changed my outlook and gave me a whole lot more empathy for those whose dream of parenthood isn't working out as smoothly as they expected. I am so grateful for the Petits - they are the most exhausting fun I've ever had! - but when it comes to celebrating bringing them into the world, there is a whole other set of sad memories that accompany that.

So this post goes out to every woman this Sunday. To the Mums, to the Daughters, to the Sisters, to the Cousins, to the Friends; to those who find the whole Mother's Day thing a bit hard to take due to subfertility, infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth or loss of a precious child. In fact, maybe you find yourself Motherless this Sunday - this post is especially for you.

I will be thinking of you all and wishing you the best this Mother's Day - and every day. xxx


captain kk said...

such a lovely post shelley. i just fell asleep on mirka's floor while she was playing & she woke me up by sticking her finger in my mouth and laughing and when that didn't wake me up properly, she sat on my head.. the joys! x captain.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

gorgeous words shelley, and very true. a dear friend of mine had a very sad event this year, and i'll be thinking of her {and pouring her a drink!!!!}

hope you and the petits have fab day xxxx

debbie.ferguson said...

Such beautiful words from an absolutely beautiful lady! Happy Mother's Day.

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

thanks girls, never sure how much to say, but i feel the same way every single year. and my story isn't even particularly horrendous compared to those of others.
kk, loving the mirka story, keep up the good work!
jules, hope you poured your friend a nice big beverage!
and deb, you are a sweetie, keep forgetting you pop in for a little look. xxx