Friday, May 21, 2010

Bonjour Vendredi!

image; chez trbuhovich, melbourne homes feature 2009, via lovely lucy at the design files

L'Homme has finally contacted this Femme to let her (that would be me!) know that he made it to Paris safely - ok, was only about four days ago that he arrived, but we'll let that bit slide right here....I mean it's not as if I have time to take 'courtesy' calls when I am so busy overseeing Galmont and taking care of his Petit Garcons and looking after Chez Trbuhovich half a world away....!!

Anyway, he is having a great time. As you would, if you were in Paris in the Spring, visiting friends and sourcing amazing vintage pieces. And eating the food.

Apparently Michelle Belle (assistant extraordinaire) is completely overwhelmed with her first experience and impressions of France. Being a Gen-Y wonder, she is busily tweeting her joie, so be sure to follow here, if you are not already.
Enjoy your weekend, see you next week - feels so good to be back in blogland.


captain kk said...

four days!! no.. doesn't sound like you're busy at all ;)
x captn
p.s. i love that grey paint colour in the background.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

man that print is calling my name. Love it. Tip top weekend to you shelley : )


Shelley Trbuhovich said...

thanks girls, the vintage poster is from 1951 and is as rare as hen's teeth. it is in our master bedroom and i wake to it every morning.
captain, the colour is more a brown-shade than a grey, but that will be changing fairly soon. it is called tepee by porters paints and is seriously like walking into a big warm hug. a very peaceful colour. but i am going to go for a greyer version of it in the future.

Kimberlee said...

SOOOO good to have you back in bloggie land. Been thinking of you every dat Shelley, I've just been bad in contacting you. hope you are well....
Gosh I still love that poster. I finished the kitchen (sort of), just need a big ugly bulkhead that contains the old exhaust fan to be pulled out and my pretty perrier poster is finally in her rightful home. can't wait.
Love lots xx

the paris apartment said...

Love the poster! Glad you stopped by and connected!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

thanks kimberlee, you have had a very busy year, huh? cannot wait to see your kitchen! a reveal soon.....surely?!! be well, and look forward to catching up again soon.
the paris apartment, i follow your blog and always enjoy it. thanks for stopping by.