Monday, August 2, 2010

Galerie Montmartre in Living Etc!

image; bergasol by villemot; living etc, june 2010; photo by prue ruscoe; styling by andrea millar
You all know my love for Britain's Living Etc mag....(I described it back in March as - 'my most beloved, most anticipated, most can't-believe-how-many-creative-people-there-are-out-there-check-out-how-they-live magazine'). Quite frankly, there is not one thing I dislike about it. So to see our beautiful posters in all their glory on the walls of the Paddington home of Simon and Paris in the June issue was soooooo exciting - I liken the feeling to what it must be for a vocal performer to hear 'themself' on the radio!
Such a shame they got our website incorrect - they got the Montmartre bit, just forgot the Galerie word at the front. But it takes alot more than that to bring me down. To be honest, Living Etc usually try to find the UK equivalent to products for their readers; so I was thrilled they even got half our name correct! I know where S & P got them (and now you do too) and that's enough for me.
For more images check here....and thanks to Jules for giving me the head's up before I'd had a chance to go through my copy.
Have a great week, everyone. x


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

It was a way cool spread, made me grin big time!

hope you had a great weekend darl xx

Mainichi said...

YELLOW! Hello!
Love it Shelley!