Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chez Trbuhovich Facelift - Ice, Ice Baby

There's a very strong possibility L'Homme will be living back at Chez Trbuhovich in about eight weeks - his rehabilitation after 'the incident' is going better than expected. All of a sudden I have a deadline, and quite frankly I feel no different than I did in the final weeks of pregnancy with that overwhelming feeling that if I don't get some things done around the house soon, they may not get done for a long time. So I am pressing ahead with some of the ideas that L'Homme and I talked about before June 22nd.
The bedroom, however, was never something on our 'facelift' agenda. You could say this is happening on a whim - how I make most decisions in my life!

My love for ice blue began back when I moved Petit out of the nursery and into his own room with the imminent arrival of Petit-Petit. I was as surprised as anyone when I chose a stroller for my then-toddler in that very colour. And then I wanted his bedroom wall colour to look like a clear blue day - that awesome blue that happens in Northern CA nine months of the year and here in Melbourne in Spring. Well folks, let me tell you - I nailed it! And everytime I go into that room, I never get tired of that decision.

The colour I had chosen for our bedroom, however, was starting to get a little old. The feeling of change has been sneaking up on me. It was also out of sync with the rest of the house. Then I saw it...

....right there in the circles of our gorgeous roman blind, which will remain, because I chose the Jane Churchill fabric on a yet another whim and it cost an arm and a leg!! So, I ran down to Porter's paints with my swatch and said, "that colour, right there - the ice blue" can you custom make that, but a shade paler?" Then I called Dave the handyman and booked him in.
And he is painting as I blog.

So I nearly fell off my chair when flipping through the latest Inside Out - with a glorious front cover, I might add - and found this page dedicated to ice blue tones. I thought, "Femme, you might have lots going on in your life right now, but boy do you have your finger on the decorating pulse...." OK, maybe my self-talk wasn't that grandiose, but I did give myself a teensy pat on the back!

Our bed has always been the biggest disappointment in our room. It's hideous. I held onto this picture as an inspiration with every intention of having our friend, Gordon (who happens to be the uber-talented partner of this gorgeous girl) custom-make a white one in the future....along with some other bits of furniture.

Then in the June Living Etc mag I noticed this bed, so - you guessed it - I ran down to Ikea and ordered it as an alternative to the ugly excuse for a bed we currently have.
I am so excited by this development, it is a budget-friendly, efficient facelift which fits into my life right at this minute. L'Homme will spend many weeks recovering in this little room, so I want to ensure it is somewhere worth hanging out.
Of course, there will be before and after shots a-plenty next week, can hardly wait!
images; 1 & 2. chez trbuhovich by lucy feagins;
3 lovingly scanned by my good self!
4. inside out mag, styling by vanessa colyer tay;
5. unknown - sorry;
6. living etc mag


tess said...

Yay! Can't wait to see the results!

ghrency said...

Nice bedroom..

custom bedroom

Lucy said...

"Femme, you might have lots going on in your life right now, but boy do you have your finger on the decorating pulse...."

I LOVE IT!!! You never miss a beat Shell.. and as you've made VERY clear these past couple of months.. NOTHING slows Femme de Montmartre down! Even the worst setbacks only seem to throw you even more energy and enthusiasm for life! Incredible.

Thanks too for the sweet Mention of Mr Design Files..! ha! :)

Can't wait to see your progress and before and afters!

Love! xx

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

sounds awesome shelley, go for gold darl, don't hold back. and man, he's one determined bugger that l'homme of yours , out in 8 weeks??!!! who'd have thought. that's so incredible, so happy for you guys.


Raina Cox said...

Great minds think alike - I have your new bed in my guest room!