Friday, August 20, 2010

ZZZzzzzz....Party is Over

image; une nuit by bernard villemot, 1973; stephan t for galerie montmartre

It's sleepy Friday, people! This old girl kicked up her heels yesterday to celebrate another year of life and is feeling a tiny bit lethargic as a result.
I overindulged. I was spoilt rotten. I ate and drank like I was never going to do either again! I partied with friends. I got home very late to find chocolate cupcakes, flowers and cards waiting for me. I really felt like a very fortunate woman.
An extra lovely surprise came early in the morning - L'Homme sang to me over the phone, word-perfect, and in a completely recognisable voice. That was my birthday gift right there; a perfect way to start the obviously I needed to get out and celebrate and I did it in style, you would've been proud!!
So not much happening here, but Michelle Belle our Assistant Extraordinaire has posted my favourite (and final) of her guest blogging posts over at The Design Files - do have a look, it's all about the French obsession with advertising and how many of their products are depicted in our vintage posters. The photos are magnifique!

A million thank yous for my birthday greetings; I say it time and again, I love this blogging life.

Have a great weekend, friends, I'll see you next week. x


Karena said...

A belated Happy Birthday....feel better soon!!

Art by Karena

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

hehehe, well pulling up a bit tired round the eyes is testimony to a fabulous b-day. glad you had a sensational day darl!:)