Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guest Post; Michelle Belle Tumbles 2

image; agis punsch, buhler; 1949 by stephan t for galmont

Our assistant extraordinaire is on tumblr, every week I share one of her posts, because she is clever and insightful and loves vintage poster art...and gives away a little something of the Galerie Montmartre culture at the same time!

When it gets cold outside, I go for tea. For me there is nothing better than wrapping my hands around a big, hot mug of strong, milky tea. No teacup, no saucer, no fancy flavours, just a simple teabag of black tea in a sizable mug is super. Everyone at Galmont has their favourite warmer-upper. Shelley T, she goes for a steaming hot chocolate, Le Boss a short black with one sugar, Sir James a creamy latte, Lady Diane a strong latte, no sugar required (she’s sweet enough).
And how about this towering polar bear here? Why, he goes for Agis Punch, with Vitamin C of course. If anyone knows about warming it must be our arctic friends, and boy does this steaming glass look good. You can just see his little paws just itching to reach out for his fix. No head colds for him this winter.
Fritz Buhler (1909 - 1963) was one of the leading poster artists of Switzerland from the 30s to the 60s, the director of his own graphic design studio in Basel and creator of many successful advertising campaigns. Most importantly, he was a founding father of the Aliance Graphique Internationale, an association of the world’s leading graphic artists and designers that was begun in 1951 and continues today. So from a clear headed artist to a clear headed furry mammal, let us raise our mug, tea cup, thermos, latte glasse and jumbo take-awayand say ‘Sante!’ to the hot drink this Winter.

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