Friday, March 27, 2009


image; shelley t for galerie montmartre

We had some visitors today, not just any visitors, but the first group from 'Cassis' the French themed events group run by Muriel Brock and Francoise Thomas.
Muriel and Francoise have created a fabulous tour in Melbourne for the many Francophiles (and there are alot of us; we even refer to the top of Collins st in the CBD as the Paris end town!)who wish to indulge in the French inspired culinary and cultural delights of the city and inner north. Galerie Montmartre was delighted to make the list. It was so lovely to share our collection and our knowledge with this group, the collective sigh when L'Homme de Montmartre unveiled the first poster was enough to make me laugh aloud.

Cassis can be contacted via email, as the website is being finalised; or
tours are held from 11 - 2pm. fridays & saturdays incl. morning tea & lunch


Andrea said...

I was one of those visitors to Galerie Montmartre with the Cassis tour. I have lived in Fitzroy for many years but did not know about the Galerie before the tour. I am trying to work out where I can put a poster in my home now. The tour with Muriel & Francoise was entertaining & enlightening. I can recommend it.

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

we had a great time with the cassis gang, andrea, they're onto something special. yes, we're still somewhat of secret, once our signage is up it will be a little less so.
take it from me there is always a place for a vintage poster....we have all sizes, all budgets, all styles covered....not that i am advertising or anything....(!)
cheers, shelley t