Saturday, April 4, 2009

Creative Women's Circle - Lucy Feagins

image; The Design Files

You can blame the lack of posts this week - it is my intention to post every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - on the lousy flu that almost got the better of me...But I nipped that sucker in the bud and to celebrate my 'feeling better-ness' (!), I decided to go along to the Creative Women's Circle (started by graphic designer Tess Mc Cabe) this morning and listen to the lovely Lucy Feagins speaking about her creative life in set design/dressing and blogging.

The setting was Guildford Lane Gallery, a fabulous warehouse space in the Melbourne CBD, it was a beautiful morning and then to be surrounded by a group of inspiring, creative business women all thirsting for knowledge and inspiration was enough to tip me over the edge! Lucy was generous with her thoughts and spoke beautifully, answering all the questions and listening to comments raised. The walk back to Fitzroy via Gertrude and Brunswick St, was just as lovely, I dropped into a few of my favourite businesses (which you'll be hearing about soon) to say hello and generally felt a little giddy - maybe I just need to get out more!

PS. Be sure to check out Lucy's blog, it is becoming somewhat of a little Aussie Design hub, to say the least.


Tess McCabe said...

Thank you Shelley for coming along and providing some great insight into the discussion about blog promotion and retail traffic. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say hello in person - hope to see you at the next Creative Women's Circle!

Lucy said...

Awww Shelley I've been meaning to drop you an email and say thanks so much to you guys for coming!! I was quite nervous and feel i babbled a bit.. but anyway, it was a lovely group of ladies and the Guildford Lane Gallery is such a beautiful space :)

Also, thanks for adding your comments about advertising on the site... makes me so happy to think I may have sent the odd customer your way. :) We have to catch up soon! I wish I wasn't so busy. Perhaps I can head out Clifton Hill way one weekend for a cup of coffee with you? Anyway, chat soon! X

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

hello sweeties!

tess - i was also sorry we couldn't meet, but we will definitely do so at the next c.w.c. i really enjoyed myself, thanks for organising it.
i thought maybe i spoke too much on sat, so thanks for your encouragement.

lucy - gorgeous girl!! there was definitely no babbling, you were great and very generous. yes! i was just saying to stef that we should have you over. let's organise a little clifton hill soiree or dinner party or something. absolutely.

x shelley t

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley, when our children have finished decorating our house we will have to have you guys over for some design tips. Love Denise Collinson

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

hey denise, you say the word, i'll come and help with your beautiful new home - you think the boys will be finished their own decorating touches in about five years?! x shelley t