Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fitzroy - EverFresh; part 1

images; stephan t for galerie montmartre
Well, the adorable mural that I spoke of here is starting to take shape. And I am loving what I am seeing.

Mike Makatron and Peter Rizak are the talented team behind it, they told us that they have been commissioned to work on at least 20 pieces in the Fitzroy area alone. Although a little camera-shy (as you will see in part 2 posted in a couple of days), the boys were more than generous with their information, which is fantastic for a local blogger like myself who just feels such a surge of pride when I see good things happening in the 'hood!


Fitzroyalty said...

Nice! I've been following the progress on the wall too - the use of black and white is so unusual when most works like this are exploding with colour.

Kate James said...

It looks great Shelley. We were in Brunswick St on Sunday...I didn't have the address of the gallery with me otherwise I'd have wandered by. Although it was a public holiday and I guessed you'd be closed. Next time!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

thanks for your encouragement, fitzroyalty; you're actually on my 'to do' list to contact you regarding my little fitzroy musings. but you are obviously a very large step ahead of me!

and kate - i hope that fitzroy treated you well. where did you eat??! galmont was actually closed on sunday, practically the only chance we get, so we made the most of it. see you soon. x

Nixta said...

You'll recall of course from your days on 13th street that Chico was responsible for a great deal of the colourful murals around this part of town.

Here in the EV, it seemed that colour was a welcome addition. I think that black & white would not have been refreshing at all, but this is a dim and grimy bit of the world, and stepping out of a tiny little sub-apartment to see Chico's colours is doubtless therapeutic, perhaps even socially necessary ;)


Nixta said...

And in case the blogger comment doesn't make the link linkable (what year is this!?!!?!), try this.

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

gorgeous nixta - yes, chico!!!! thanks so much for the reminder. i loved seeing that link. l.e.s indeed! getting me all nostalgic here. i'm sure e.v has changed so much, particularly around aves c and d, there was always so much street art there.
thanks for reading x shelley t

mike makatron said...

hey i met chico some years back when I lived on east 3rd...nice guy-- I painted a number of walls there

if anyone has walls available for commissions please lettuce know--Mike Makatron