Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fitzroy - Reserved Please Respect

image; Stephan T for Galerie Montmartre

When you have a retail space in an inner city suburb, graffiti becomes a way of life. At least once a fortnight, you can see L'Homme De Montmartre repainting a spot or two on the outside of our building to get it back to its shiny black beauty. No complaints, we love this place! So, I felt so excited approaching Galmont one morning to see that another retailer has taken the problem into their own hands by commissioning a professional to enhance the side of their establishment.
This is the just the beginning! I think it will look awesome when it is completed. So we will spend the next few weeks monitoring its progress and sharing the results.
I especially love the little message (bottom left-hand corner) to tell others that this is a work in progress - I have no doubt that the locals will show it respect.


Fitzroyalty said...

I was most amused about the 'please respect and wrote about it here.

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Shelley Trbuhovich said...

well fitzroyalty, you certainly know how to make someone's day! thanks for reading and for your kind comments. there will be lots more fitzroy posts in the future and i will definitely let you know as they happen. have just checked out your website and think it is beautiful ode to this fabulous part of melbourne!
cheers, shelley t