Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Creative Framing

image; Derek Swalwell for Home Beautiful April 2009
Once people have fallen deeply in love with a vintage poster and feel that they have a handle on all the information regarding the piece, the very next thing that is usually discussed is framing options. And that's where our friends at Creative Framing come in, not only is Mark (the owner) as passionate about framing as we are about vintage poster art, he sources the very best archival materials so that our lovely posters stay looking lovely without any nasty chemicals spoiling the paper or the image. Creative Framing give a life guarantee on their work because they are so sure about what they do.
So, it was no surprise to see that the folks down at Home Beautiful (April 2009) have asked Mark for his opinion regarding 'making treasured artworks look terrific'. I've scanned the page for your perusal.

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