Thursday, March 26, 2009

Room with a View

image; Vogue Living May/June 2008

I'm not exactly sure how productive I'd be if this was the view from my office. I mean really, can you imagine perching your cute little butt on this tufted seat - in one of my favourite shades of grey, I might add - and look out on the Eiffel Tower everyday?! It's too much for me to even contemplate....

But I love my office at Galmont, it's a great space for many reasons; not the least is that it's a little glass cube that looks over our gorgeous retail space and it's right off the hustle and bustle of Brunswick St.

For us, there was no other place in Melbourne to be than Fitzroy -a place with so much history and so much happening and besides, L'Homme De Montmartre grew up here. I can get all nostalgic thinking about all that Fitzroy has given me, so I thought it was time to share the love and produce my personal 25 Reasons to Love Fitzroy, no easy feat, but I'm up for the challenge! The new fortnightly series will start next week and feature other inspiring retail spaces, eateries, community people and places - hope you'll join me in sampling some of Fitzroy's delights.


Kate James said...

I can't believe I forgot about your blog Shelley. It is gorgeous and this image in particular reminds me that I want to get back to France some day.

I'll start with a visit to Fitzroy - which I love too even though it's a trek across town. I often wonder why we don't live on your side of the city. It is so much more us!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

yay kate! thank-you for visiting, so glad you like what you see and read and especially glad that i can inspire you to come alllll the way across to the other side!! be sure to drop into galerie m and you must have coffee at mario's. x shelley t

Lucy said...

Heeeey Shelley I can totally imagine my 'cute little butt'(?) on this seat!!! I cannot believe that view... encroyable! (is that correct?)

Anyway... loving the blog :) You're a natural! I missed you when I popped in on Saturday... but Stephan was in good form :) must catch up again soon! Lucy x

Anonymous said...