Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ballarat Antique Fair

Image; Erin Slattery for Galerie Montmartre

There was so much about my time in the US that I loved, but probably my time attending flea or collectable markets take the cake. It was all about the hunt. What was waiting for me? What strange object would grab my attention and demand I buy it? How could I include my latest find in a way that would live harmoniously with the rest of my things? How was I going to get this stuff home?!!
On arriving back to Australia in 2001, L'homme De Montmartre and I searched high and low for an antique fair that was similar to those we experienced. We walked into Ballarat Antique fair in Western Victoria and that old familiar feeling -the thrill of the hunt - returned.
So, now we show there every year in the hope that some other person will be thrilled to have discovered Galerie Montmartre in all her vintage poster and paper glory - hope to see you there!

Ballarat Antique Fair - March 7, 8 & 9
Ballarat Badminton Centre
Dowling St. Wendouree

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