Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Warts and all

image; Belle magazine, April 2009

As someone who adores vintage poster art, I was thrilled to find this image recently. If you look closely at the poster above you can see it has been framed without one bit of conservation work, it's simply there 'warts and all'. The piece is creased, it has a tear, it is even lifting from the backing. This makes it all the more endearing to me, as it reminds me that vintage posters were only ever made to be destroyed or plastered over by the next advertising campaign. It also confirms my bias (!) that poster art is unique and looks amazing whether it is left as it was found or restored to its former glory.

I am pretty sure that most poster artists of old would find it hilarious that there are so many of us who put their works in places as important as the dining room...let alone frame them!

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