Monday, December 21, 2009

My Christmas - Potty Mouth Mama

all images; potty mouth mama and her crafty little self!

Hello - yes, a brand new post today......finally! And I'm excited, because we have the honour of reading all about Lexi K's Christmas, have you read her blog? It is a fabulous mix of humour and wisdom and the girl has got me completely sucked in! I first began reading Lexi's posts in earnest when she turned 30 years old and someone called her a not particularly nice name and she posted a retort....and it was hilarious and so were the comments....such is her dedication to blogging about her life, she has probably forgotten all about that hullabaloo - it was quite a while ago now. (Sorry sweetie, I hope I am not raising anything too traumatic for you!)

So Lexi has two little people - the Doctor and Tiny - and she is the kind of Mother that I would like to be one day, when I get my act together!!!! (Look, I'm sure the Petit-Garcons are happy with their lot, but they sure miss out on the baking and crafting with Mama aspect that Lexi manages to do with her kids.) And she takes photos of their messes, as opposed to cracking it and storming around cleaning it up!!!
So, I bring you the lovely Lexi and her Christmas - keep on blogging about your world, Lexi, you always bring joy to my days. x

It’s funny to describe Christmas in our house. It’s an ever-evolving celebration for us. As our children grow older, it has become inherently more and more exciting each year. Each year I try and build the excitement and anticipation, for the big day itself, but also for the season. It’s just one short month of festivities, but I try and jam it full right from the 1st.
I’m a sucker for sparkles, so our Christmas is bound to include some sparkly decorations.
We’ve been forging our own traditions too. Of course, I borrow from our own childhood, because my own parents and grandparents were particularly clever at making Christmas magical. I can still remember lying in bed at my grandparents house, and late, late at night being sleepless. I still swear that I heard bells that night. And they were definitely from Santa’s sleigh.

The Doctor and I usually decorate the tree together. I am definitely not known for a perfect tree. Ours is a small plastic tree that I ruthlessly, shamelessly stole from my sister that she had bought at a $2 shop. Its lights change colour every few seconds. It’s pretty special. It’s usually covered with pom poms, wooden decorations, candy canes and anything else that sparkles. Stars, felted decorations. Whatever we have goes on there. I don’t do tinsel though. I can’t stand the feel of it. I also have a few special decorations that I bought when Matt and I went to Paris pre-Doctor and Tiny. It was Christmas. We had little money. But these decorations come out year in, year out. One strand of clear gems stinks. But it’s super pretty (and sparkly) so it always makes an appearance. I’ve also come across a few of these vintage plastic nativity scenes. I found my first one in the bin. Following that, I was at an op shop and came across two more. So now I have three. This year they sit nicely, bright and tight with Nan’s peggies as the makeshift Three Wise Men. I’ve also finally gotten around to starching some of my doilies for some snowflakes. So simple. So cheap. And if I’m doing it, then you really know anyone can do it. I always do fairy lights. If you don’t have any other decorations, I think fairy lights more than make up for it. Every year I have the good intention of making an advent calendar but it always gets put off ‘til next year.
Christmas tunes always belt out too. I am a sucker (much to Matt’s chagrin) for a bit of at-home Christmas caroling. The Doctor sings ‘Jingle Bells’ – ‘Jingle bells, jingle bells, all the way to school.’ It’s too cute to correct.
Besides that I bake a lot. I love baking. But given it’s summer I have to choose my baking time carefully! I love the sniff of gingerbread pouring through the house (not to mention eating it!). And I have a whole cache of Christmas books that we bring out for the smalls for bedtime reading. These are ‘special’ books that only come out at this time of the year to retain the special factor. It really adds to the excitement.

I love Christmas time. It’s the one time of the year that things seem to slow down, but life seems to also speed up. I carry that giddy, butterfly in tummy feeling all month long and I’m always feeling a bit sad when Christmas Day is all over.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Shelley
This looks like a lot of fun, but don't feel bad, I have seen petit garcon's room [via your blog] and can say it is a place full of wonder for a small child!

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful week preparing.. xx Julie

Glad you liked my silliness!

PottyMouthMama said...

Aw shucks, you know how to make a gal blush. Thanks for the opportunity Shelley, YOU are the wonder. x

Christina Lowry said...

Thanks for sharing some of your Christmassy cheer Leix and lending me some ideas for next year with Cohen!

I love your blog and your sense of humour and if we lived closer I definitely would invite you over for a cup of tea or two (and hope you brought cake) and for the Dr, Tiny and Cohen to play and make stuff together. :)