Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Christmas - Captain KK

image; captain kk

This girl is good! I first came across Captain's gorgeous blog when I was perusing the list put out by the Creative Women's Circle and I loved it. Captain's photos are always slick, she gives a little of herself away whilst maintaining a certain mystery and she has a great eye. She likes a laugh too, I could just tell. And she is super organised - I could tell that too! So I sent Captain KK an email to let her know how clever I thought she was, and the rest, as they say is history. I liked her, she liked me and now we're mates!

Somehow Captain manages to take care of her little girl, 'the husband' and her architectural skills - all at once! I am sure they are in for a rockin' and stylish Christmas. So here is Captain KK's take on the festivities...

i love, love, love, christmas time. i love the romance of it all. fairy lights, sending out christmas cards, decorating a real tree at home while christmas carols are playing (not the bing crosby stuff.. more new orleans party style) & generally lots of little design touches that i can share & indulge in. instead of wasting heaps of wrapping paper, we have an assortment of white boxes that we use & re-use for presents each year.. it's just the ribbon that changes. i'm a sucker for a beautiful ribbon. i'm not a big red person, but i don't think you can beat red, white & aqua for christmas.. with a little silver in there somewhere too. definitely not gold. never gold. we normally have a very relaxed christmas day, indulging in a few chocolates and croissants for breakfast, before exchanging gifts & popping a bottle of champers. after presents it's time for a casual lunch of cold meats, prawns with home made dipping sauce, lots of yummy salads & a pesto pasta that the husband makes that goes perfectly with everything. for dessert i bake a raspberry & almond tart on christmas eve & then serve it after lunch with cream & ice cream & gawd it's good! i've got no idea what i'm doing for gifts this year, but settlement for our first home is just before xmas so it promises to be a very special christmas.


captain kk said...

gosh! thanks shelley.. i do like to retain a little mystery ;) x captn.

tess said...

I LOVE the white box idea... so chic (and it must take about a quarter of the time to wrap everything!). Have a super classy Xmas kate!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Captain is very wise and very clever!

I have been busily snipping old cards up for tags and hanging baubles on anything that moves, it has just started to snow too, everything is sprinkled white and outside is hushed muffled and cold.

Merry Christmas to you nad yours Shelley,

Sarah x

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

i do the same, s.j.d.t.l!! i am a card cutter and bauble hanger from way back!
it was great having you on board, captain...
and yes to the white box idea, i collected all the brown paper bags from shopping expeditions and used those (with cute ribbon and cut up cards) both years the petits were born, made things much easier. and they looked pretty darn good!
this year our wrapping was petit garcon's kinder paintings. they looked amazing!